There are times when it stops being just sex. When it comes to making love, get into the moment and enjoy the truthfulness of vulnerability. If you've ever gotten to this point of making love, you can tell that orgasms are easier to achieve and bonding happens pretty quickly.

As much as they love it when you sleep with them, they love it even more when you do it right. Many men I've met like to share their experiences of women making love to them with fear.

Tommy said, “I've only ever had one girl who made love to me in a way that I liked.” When I went further to ask why, she said, “A lot of other girls never get it right. They're hogging the D like it's some kind of horse or making it really slow. I tell everyone it's the best sex I've ever had to keep a woman cries in my hands”.

Pleasing a man may seem as easy as getting down with him and just banging him a few times, but trust me, it's not. Don't panic yet. This article is here to teach you everything you need to know about making love with a man.

1. Love them

You'll find it hard to make love to someone if you don't at least love them. Making love is not possible if there is no emotion, especially if you are demisexual. A surprising number of women turn out to be demisexual.

You may be.

Check out some of our articles on demisexuality to learn more about the topic.

2. Get rid of mental barriers

Most barriers to sex only exist in our heads. If we feel any kind of sex, there is a strong possibility that our bodies will adapt to these feelings and try to simulate them.

Sometimes, it is even so bad that one cannot reach that point of high physical stimulation.

If you want to make love, remove all mental barriers and come to see sex as something to be enjoyed.

3. Get in the mood

As much as many people argue against it, there are appropriate moods for making love.

When you're in any of these states of mind, it's easier to surrender your body, to merge with someone else, to explore.

There are several ways to get in the mood. Some of the most common include watching movies. We have an article about some movies that can put you in the mood. You should watch these movies.

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Songs are also a great way to get in the mood. Listen to sexy songs with your partner.

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4. Enjoy sex too

Although this article is about pleasing a man, one surefire way to please a man during sex is to enjoy him too. they love it Remember it's sex, not the game. He knows when you're making it all about him, and that would definitely make him feel like you're doing a tough job, and he'd feel bad. All thought of giving him pleasure would be lost when he was just starting.

5. Keep a steady pace

Men enjoy being ridden more when a rhythm is maintained. Imagine this scenario: You work in an organization known for shuffling workers between departments.

At first you won't believe it until you start working there. First you are sent to a department that you like and are comfortable with and suddenly you switch to another one. The familiarization process begins again, and this changes you three times over the next four weeks.

It gets tiring, doesn't it? It's the same. A man begins to enjoy a certain movement you are making on his paw, and you keep changing the rhythm. It's frustrating.

6. Take kissing seriously

Really, don't rush into kisses. When asked what they found sexiest in bed, most of the women who answered us agreed that kissing topped the list.

Pearl told us: “Nothing beats kissing. It's, for me, the most sensual thing I can do with anyone. Shared moments kisses are the best in bed.”

We even asked the men, and while some mentioned some other activity as the most sensual, many more agreed that kissing was the closest.

Hanruel also said: It's hard to choose, but I'll choose “kiss”. That, to me, is one of the sexiest things ever.

7. Find out if he likes to be spanked

Spanking a straight man who doesn't have that fetish might be the fastest way to make him lose his erection. As cute as it may seem to pat him on the back, you can't do it without first knowing if he likes it. While some men do, others don't. Just find out during a conversation. If you don't know before you sleep with him, don't.

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8. Don't rush

Making love is not something that can be rushed. To truly enjoy every second, you'll need to take your time. This means letting things go as long as they should.

This may sound cliché, but I will say it: follow your heart. Or rather, follow your body and your heart.

Allow yourself to embrace each sensation of pleasure for as long as possible. You don't have to think that sex is taking too long. If it wants to last an hour or two, let it. Don't rush.

9. Remove physical barriers

I mentioned earlier that there are a number of mental barriers against sex. Of course, there are also a number of physical barriers.

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For example, if you are not wet enough, the pain of friction will antagonize that sex. If there is a strong smell, say smoke, you can also react to it and end up not having the kind of love you desire.

If you have trouble getting wet, I suggest using lube.

We have an article on the best types of lubricants you should consider using. There are quite a few, and they can certainly help you have better sex.

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10. Express what you feel

When you make love, I can bet you will feel many emotions and feelings. You shouldn't bottle up these feelings. This will make sex feel forced for both you and your partner.

Instead, you should find healthy ways to express your feelings. Your expression is also a means of communicating with your partner; to tell them, “Hey, you're doing this right,” or to say, “I don't think you're doing that well.”

All in all, it will make sex a lot better.

Some great ways to express yourself during lovemaking are by moaning your partner's name, holding on to them tighter, or even hugging them. It's a good thing to hug your partner when you have sex.

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11. Pay attention to it too

As much as you want to enjoy yourself when you're falling for your partner, you also need to make sure your partner is having fun too.

Making love is like falling in love. I don't even like to use the term: “Falling in love.” Because falling makes it look like something you do for yourself: the best way to think about love is to walk in love.

Holding each other and walking in this place of happiness.

Making love should be the same. You two have to hold hands and walk. Don't leave your partner behind.

12. Make eye contact

Men love eye contact in the bedroom. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and during intense moments like that, men like to think they can discover an emotional connection by looking into your eyes.

That surely makes them feel good. Look into his eyes, girl, and watch him start to enjoy himself as you make even more sweet love to him.

13. Get in your head

If there's ever a time to create fantasies in your head and your partner's, now is it.

It can also help you reach orgasm faster. We know this because we approached a couple of women who had tried to fantasize about their partners during sex. Most of them said it helped them reach orgasm and make love more intense.

14. Lock your fingers

Yes, lock your fingers with your partner's. It can make the “lover” sweeter and better.

Also, look into their eyes. It is said that the eye is the window to your body. Let love jump into this window.

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15. He loves it when you try new positions on his body

Men are adventurous beings. Adventure equals uncertainty. When you add tons of mystery to the mix, it makes it crazy. Get out of your everyday cowgirl and try something new. He would be stunned, but he would get it and be very pleased.

16. He wants to see your whole body

Usually, some women don't feel that good about their bodies because they might have a FUPA (upper body fat) or a couple of stretch marks and therefore believe that these things would turn a man off. Trust me, you've seen all these things you think are imperfections and you love them.

It's the same reason he's sleeping with you anyway. Don't try to hide your body from him when sleeping with him by turning off all the lights. He wants to see all that. You can have sex in front of a mirror to help him see.

17. Sometimes, be the dominatrix

Even if men don't admit it, they like to be the boss in bed. Don't be shy. Tell him what to do. It's a major change. Give him instructions and when he doesn't do what you want him to do correctly, punish him, but respect the boundaries. Just kidding, no offense. Trust me, he loves it.

18. He wants you to talk about his fetishes with him and do them

Sometimes men don't talk about their fetishes for fear of being judged by their wives. Even if they want you to make love to them in a certain way, they wouldn't say a word.

Take the initiative to talk about fetishes with your man today, and if it's something you're comfortable with, who says you can't try them?

19. Bring food into the mix

I just think adding junk food adds everything you need and fills your stomach. You can trick him by putting ice cream or honey on specific areas of his body. Lick it slowly and watch it squirm.

10. Don't pull too hard or bite a stick

Although I know blood fills the dick when it's erect and gives it that hardness, I like to think it's bone. Why, then, is it called a boner?

When you're making out with a man, avoid pulling on the penis or roughing up the balls. They may not look like it, but trust me, those babies are more delicate than they let on. If you like to play, don't try to bend the stick while it is upright.

That's another quick way to make him lose his erection. If it's a blow job you're giving, by all means avoid adding teeth to the equation. They could scrape the penis and open small sores, which can be very painful. During a blowjob, make sure your penis is properly lubricated before you do anything.


Making love with your partner is one of the most magical things there is. Make love to him when you can!

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