Men make many mistakes in bed. And women really hate it when they face these mistakes. They make sex taste bitter and stale. And although women don't talk about them, our editors do. In this article, we explore the most common mistakes men make in bed that throw women off.

1. Clap your teeth when kissing

We would be honest. Everyone likes a good kiss. A good kiss has three characteristics. It's sensual. It is not rushed. You are free from pain and discomfort. Women don't like a man who can't kiss.

Or rather, they don't like a man who causes them pain during the kiss.

Of all the common mistakes men make in bed, teeth grinding when kissing is right up there. It shows the woman that you are a bad kisser, and a bad kisser is usually not a good thing sexually in a woman's mind.

She says, “If he can't give you a little attention and kiss me well, then he definitely can't be there to make me feel good in bed.”

This is usually true. It is usually a correct instinct.

You should invest more time in learning how to kiss well. A man who kisses well is such a big yes in any woman's eyes.

2. Touch her vagina with long, dirty nails

It should be common knowledge that long nails should be kept away from a woman's vagina. The reason is simple. Long nails are a breeding ground for bacteria, and often, these are the same bacteria that cause urinary tract infections in women.

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Women have a shorter urethra than men. Thus, any pathogen that comes into contact with your urethra tends to ascend faster than in men. This makes them easily prone to infections.

Your wife will hate it so much if you try to touch her fingers with long nails. It's a mistake a woman can't help but hate. Sometimes, when they're too empathetic to tell you what you're doing sucks, they may decline the offer to take your fingers entirely.

They might say something like, “I don't like being fingered, you know?”

This is a sign that you, or someone you have had sex with in the past, once tried to touch them with dirty hands.

3. Hasty foreplay

Foreplay is a vital part of any great sex. To have great sex, you have to have great foreplay. Foreplay can be really good when done right. It can also be really bad when done wrong. Your wife hates it when you rush into foreplay.

This is a classic example of sexual frustration.

Frustration comes when we think we can't have what we deserve. Your wife knows more than anything that she deserves to be sexually satisfied with you.

When she can't have this pleasure, as in cases where you rush sexual activities like foreplay, you give her space to get frustrated. It's like taking someone to the edge of the water and asking them not to swim in it.

Your wife wants you to take your time when you're with her. She wants the first few games to be great so she's hooked and wet the moment you penetrate.

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4. You will penetrate when it is not wet enough

Many guys do not know how to penetrate a woman. Whether it's wet or not, it doesn't matter if your penis isn't sufficiently lubricated.

When penetrating a woman, what you should do is first lubricate your penis before entering you with your full length. In the absence of lubricant, a blowjob can help. But if he hates blowjobs, you can do what I call the first move.

This is something I have been doing for quite some time. It's easy to do. All you have to do is rub your penis on her clitoris and then push it just 1 cm into her vagina.

Now, move very slowly, going from side to side so that your wetness covers your dick.

This works if it is wet, at least to a certain extent.

If it's not wet enough, it means your foreplay isn't right. Do your foreplay properly. Give him the head.

5. Biting the nipple too hard

Most women admit that they feel a sense of greater sexual pleasure when their nipples are caressed.

Therefore, they tend to insist that their partners caress their nipples in some way. Sometimes, sometimes, they ask for their nipples to be bitten.

Don't make the mistake of biting down too much, as it starts to hurt, or you'll risk one of those common mistakes men make in bed.

Nipples have such a good number of nerve endings. Biting too hard is definitely going to send bits of pain so she backs off and may not want to continue the activity.

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You have to understand that except for some scenarios where the pain may be a sprain, the pain is not something she or even you should experience during sexual activity.

6. Stop mid-race

Stopping mid-race is something many men do, and as a man, I know why. Sometimes, we do this as a means to avoid running too early. And while it works for our good, it doesn't really benefit a woman's pleasure.

In fact bother her

Chances are you'll stop stroking the moment she's close to orgasm. I have seen this happen many times. It's really annoying for the woman, and she hates being there.

Take your time. Caress well I recommend that you read our article on how to improve your hitting game and practice what you read.


There are many things that a woman does not like in bed. These are, however, more common than men think. Men should learn to be better.

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