Smelling good is the best thing any man or woman can do for themselves. It also helps relationships. Many men and women agree that smelling good is such an important criterion when choosing dates. In this article, we show you how to smell good 24 hours a day.

1. Bathe at least once a day

Bathing at least once a day shouldn't really be an option.

Everyone has to bathe once a day. Bathing removes sweat and debris from our skin.

These remains could easily be the breeding ground for bacteria. They are the bacteria that cause bad odor.

And take a good bath too. You don't have to scrub too hard. Just choose the right soap and bathe gently.

Rub the necklines of your body. Cleavage is usually hotter than other parts of the body. That heat favors the growth of bacteria.

Rub your armpits. your groin Between your ass cheeks. Between your tits.

And make sure you wash properly before putting on your clothes.

This is a mistake that many people make. They just bathe, scrub for a few seconds and put clothes on their bodies.

It shouldn't be like that. You must scrub properly. Pat dry. And if you choose, you can rub some lotion on your skin.

Also, remember to wait a while before putting clothes on your body after rubbing the lotion.

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2. Change your bedding often

You can bathe as often as possible and still not smell good because your bedding is not clean enough.

Other than your underwear, few clothes come into contact with your body more than your bed linen.

You sleep an average of 8 hours. Your bedding is on your skin for more than that.

If they are not clean, they will also leave your body impure.

Dirty bedding has been linked to bad odor, some skin irritation, and even acne.

It will do you a lot of good to change your bedding often, at least once a week, or maybe even more.

Wash them well too. Dry them and maybe even use other forms of sterilization to sterilize them.

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3. Use roll-ons

Roll-ons are a great idea for people who sweat a lot from their armpits.

Most roll-ons are scented. That is, they smell good.

Find one that works for you and use it often.

Use it before putting on clothes.

Be careful to choose roll-ons that don't mess with your skin. Since the roll-ons are going to be in direct contact with your skin, you should choose ones that do not cause irritation or allergies.

Roll-on allergies are one thing. And you should avoid them.

4. ⁠Use the perfume shortly before going to sleep

Using perfume shortly before bed is also a good idea.

Choose the right perfumes. In a later article, we will show you how to choose the best perfumes for you and the people around you.

Apply your perfumes to places away from your face before bed, such as your ankles.

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That way, you won't have the perfume directly in your nose while you sleep.

If perfumes are too close to your nose while you sleep, there is a small risk that you will have allergies.

You don't want that.

As you apply perfumes just before bed, over time you will smell like your perfumes.

Have you noticed that some people tend to have a constant smell of perfume? This is what they do.

5. ⁠Use perfumes correctly on your clothes

If you're going to smell good, you need to learn how to put perfume on your clothes the right way.

You don't just spray everywhere.

You spray the important places, like underarms, wrists and sometimes the color of the shirt.

Spraying your clothes correctly ensures that the aroma of the perfume will reach the people around you.

You know you're spraying your perfumes right if your scent announces it before you enter.

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6. Exercise in the right clothes

Exercising in the right clothes can help you smell better.

People who don't exercise in the right clothes may not smell as good because the wrong clothes will trap sweat and make them smell bad.

The right workout clothes won't trap sweat. In fact, it will release all the sweat and prevent any bad odor from building up.

Also, remember that it is a healthy practice to take a bath after each exercise session.

7. Ventilate your room

Ventilating your room is also one of the best things you can do when trying to smell good.

Badly ventilated rooms do not smell good. And as a result, you might not smell good either.

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Open your windows. Take out the dirty laundry.

Do not allow dirty laundry to mix with clean laundry, ever.

Mold on dirty clothes can stick to clean clothes and make you smell musty.

8. Shave your pubic hair

Shaving your pubic hair and armpit hair can prevent you from smelling bad.

Your pubic hair, when left too large or too long, can be a sweat trap.

You don't want to trap any sweat.

You want your sweat to drain properly so it's easy to remove debris when you shower.

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9. Choose the right perfume

Choosing the right perfume is an art. We show you how to choose the right perfume in the following article.

Choosing the right perfume can make you more attractive and more confident when meeting new people and going on new dates.

The right fragrance not only complements your natural scent, but also leaves a memorable impression, boosting your self-confidence and making you feel more balanced in social settings.

10. Wear confidence as a badge

Confidence may not make your body smell good. But it will make your personality smell good.

Confidence is the perfume of personality.

If you are confident enough, you will attract a lot of people without even trying too hard.

Confidence helps you stand out and leaves a lasting impression, making you more approachable and engaging in any social situation.


Everyone owes it to themselves and the people around them to smell good. Everyone should smell good.

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