Car sex is such an intimate act. One that makes sex feel different and more spontaneous. Unfortunately, many people struggle to have excellent car sex, especially first-timers. Our survey of 20 people who had sex in a car for the first time shows that most first-timers feel very uncomfortable during car sex.

“I felt like something was missing. I can't describe what. But something was definitely missing.

– Give it to him

“There was muscle soreness right after. I know this happened because I basically had no idea. I didn't know what to do.”

– Always

“It just kept getting worse.”

– Justina

Here's how to have great car sex:

1. Start in the front seat

Sex may not have to start in the front seat, but foreplay should. This is because, in the front seat, you will probably be in an intimate position. You will be able to face each other and look into each other's eyes.

In the front seat, start kissing your partner. Place them on your face and kiss them deeply. Rub their body and maybe caress their nipples. If you still have trouble caressing your partner, you should check out our article on how to caress your partner's nipples..

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2. Look around: are you safe?

Things are about to get more intense. So, as much as possible, reduce the anxiety you feel.

One of the most common problems with having sex in a car is anxiety. This anxiety is likely to make you and your partner very clumsy, and as a result, you won't be able to do the things you set your mind to. You'll hit your hands on this part of the car and hit your arm on the other, and it'll just keep getting worse.

So look around. Is anyone watching? If yes, then you need to move the car to a safer place. If not, you can stay. But remember to roll up the glass and turn on the air conditioning.

The AC only needs to be on during car sex. There are no two ways about it. Or do you want the heat to sting your skin and make you sweat?

3. Play music

The good thing is that you are in a car. There are speakers everywhere, and there's a radio player that can blast the sexiest tunes ever.

Put on some of that music. Over the next few weeks, we'll be reviewing the 10 best albums to help your sex life. It will be an item for people who like some background music when they have sex.

4. Do you have to undress completely?

Usually, I'm going to say no. But it's your gender and you should do what you choose. Many people argue that sex in a car should not happen when both are unclothed. Although I agree, I can't tell you to do this or that.

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Just keep in mind that this is spontaneous sex, and if something goes wrong, you should be able to do damage control quickly enough.

5. Lean in and give him a blow

You have to pull your pants down. At least to her lower thighs. And then you have to pull the seat back so there's enough room for you to put your face between his thighs.

Now, give him a blowjob. And be sure to pay attention to your body.

A good blowjob is going to be something very sensual. Something that makes his whole body tremble.

You can and should caress her nipple when giving a blowjob. I bet you will really love it.

6. Give your wife head

Now it's time to do your thing. However, don't be too quick to give it your head. He strokes her nipples for some time and then digs between her thighs and starts making her feel amazing.

He strokes the tip of his tongue along the knob of her clit, again and again. She will moan. You should moan too. I've found that moaning while giving head, even if you're not the one feeling most of the pleasure, can make sex feel better.

7. Go to the back seat: or not

Now that the real penetrative sex is about to begin, it may be time to take a back seat. Or not

If you stay in the front seat, there are several positions you can try. The best is the cowgirl.

It will be very comfortable for her and it won't hurt at all. It can sit on your stick while holding the car headrest for support.

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Backside denim also works.

8. Missionary works

The missionary position works pretty well in the back seat if you adjust the seats enough.

It does not have to be flat on the back. She can lift her upper back and you can be in the plank position. A lower board won't hurt your arms.

Start stroking slowly. During car sex, slow strokes make all the difference. Make sure you try all the stunt games you know and make sure you do the first stunt.

You can pause mid-stroke, step back and head-butt it.

Women admit they love it when a man takes a break from sex just to give them a good head.

9. The 69th position

You must know position 69. It is one of the best positions to try when having sex in a car. It's sensual and beautiful, and one can't help but feel things.

I will happily recommend when you go out in a car.

10. Be creative

Get creative with your partner as you both continue to have amazing car sex.

Having sex in a car is super awesome when you know exactly what to do. Some of the best sex I've ever had happened in a car.

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