Getting into a man's head is a lot easier than people say. A man is usually a more aware version of a woman mentally. That is, think in a more inner way. To get inside any man's head, you have to find out how he thinks.

1. Be yourself

The first of the most important ways to get into a man's head is to be yourself.

Men tend to be very easy to please.

As long as he likes you or thinks you're physically attractive, you really don't have to do much to stay in his head because just by being attractive, you've earned a place in his head.

So don't try too hard. Just be yourself and feel happy emotions.

The happier you feel, the more you will draw him closer to you to become what he thinks.

2. Praise him more

Women like to say that men are like babies; in some ways, and I mean in more ways than one, men are actually like babies.

Which means that most men wish to be heroes.

I mean, just take a little survey. Ask a man what he wants to be in the future and ask a boy where he wants to be in the future. Their answers will suggest the fact that they want to be truly celebrated and appreciated, more like heroes.

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You will definitely secure a place in his head. And not just anyone; place that will ensure the most favored of the points in his head if he is able to make him feel like a hero.

congratulate him Compliment the little things about him, compliment the big things about him, even the things he feels don't matter.

3. Be delicate and flirty

You should be very sensitive if you want to stay in a man's head. Men tend to be very touch driven and are mostly very attracted to a woman who touches them properly.

Do as much as you can to break the touch barrier. It makes him feel warm, and makes him feel really comfortable.

The more comfort he feels around and about you, the more you will get into his head.

In his free time, he will think about all those beautiful and serene emotions he felt when you were around him.

4. Mow it

This works great if you know what he wants from you.

You seduce a man by promising him something he really wants from you.

Let's say he wants to have sex with you, and you're pretty sure about it. The right way to seduce him is to make him feel like he can get what he wants while keeping a safe distance so he doesn't snatch it away.

Make him feel like you want to have sex with him, like you can't stop thinking about the nasty things you could do together, but don't give it to him too soon.

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At least not yet. That way, you are in their mind as a very powerful memory.

We remember thoughts that trigger emotional responses and powerful feelings.

We also remember people who are able to make us feel a certain way.

It will be on his mind for a while, and he will remember you for long periods if, when he thinks of you, he can experience some emotion.

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5. Stun him

You surprise someone by provoking an emotional response that makes them ask a lot of questions. Do this by being weird and having really weird and wild ideas, especially ideas about your relationship and where the next date should happen.

Let's say he asks you where you'd like to go on your next date. Tell him somewhere that makes him wonder: what kind of girl is that

Of course, it will excite you. But it will also make you ask a lot of questions. The more questions a man asks you, the more he will have you on his mind.

Do a lot of exciting things with it. It makes you remember each date as it happened. That's how you get into his head.

6. Be mysterious

Men love a mysterious woman. If you ever want to get inside his head, you have to do some work for him to figure you out.

No one loves someone who has already found out. Such people become very boring. Eventually, one loses interest in being with them.

But does a person have to do a job to find out? Such a person is usually close to heaven, and a man usually has that kind of woman stuck in his head.

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He thinks about her: the things he likes and the things he doesn't.

7. Make him question his stance

It makes him question his position in your life. It makes you wonder what it really is. That makes her wonder if he is a friend or a lover. It just makes him ask questions.

The more questions you are able to ask yourself, the more it will stick in your mind.

More questions means he'll usually be more obsessed with you.

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8. Ghost for a while

Seriously, every once in a while, just take a break and laugh it off for a while. It makes us obsessed, I assure you.

9. Make him happy

Positive emotions can have the impact you need. Show her a genuine interest, offer support, share laughs, appreciate her efforts, and create joyful and memorable experiences together.

When you make him happy in this way, he forces himself to think a lot about you.

10. Take care of him

Again, men are like babies and children. They wish to breed. So, by all means, make him feel welcome and loved.

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