No one really talks about the need for women to be good in bed. And if they do, they really don't do much. But the truth is that even women have to be good in bed too. The better a woman is in bed, the more satisfied she and her man are. In this article, our editors show you how to be good in bed as a woman.

1. Savor every feeling

Women who are great in bed are women who know how to savor their own pleasurable feelings.

You don't have to fight your sense of pleasure for any reason, in any way, either mentally or emotionally.

Make sure you enjoy what's going on. And make sure you try to climb the pleasure scale.

Sex should feel like an ever-increasing ascent to pleasure. A plateau may occur at some point, and this should be during or after an orgasm.

2. Groaning

Men like women who are very expressive, and expressiveness is such an important metric when it comes to sex that's great and sex that isn't.

If you want to be great in bed as a woman, try moaning more.

This is not suggesting that you fake your moans or anything. In fact, it suggests the opposite.

He moans because he feels what he is feeling very deeply. Because you want your man to know that he is doing so well by taking you to pleasure zones.

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3. Find their pleasure as a means of finding yours

Your partner's pleasure should be yours if you try to improve your sex life as a woman.

That's how I've always explored sex. Sex is only considered pleasurable to me if my partner also feels a lot of pleasure.

Prioritize your partner's pleasure. Make him feel like you want him to be in places he's never been before.

Your pleasure doesn't always have to be physical. With sex, pleasure can also exist emotionally.

Emotional pleasure usually happens with men when you find a way to stroke their ego. The ego, for a man, is like the stick of his mind. If you can feed him rightly and make him feel so masculine that he tries to get close to him, then it will definitely make him feel a lot of pleasure and he will be even more turned on by you.

4. Touch your other areas

Our genitals are not the only areas of our body that feel great pleasure. There are other areas that, apart from our genitals, can make us feel very high forms of pleasure.

For many men, nipples do the work.

Many men agree that gently caressing their nipples often gives them a very strong sense of pleasure.

Others admit that stroking their nipples made them run faster.

For others, just rubbing their balls can do the trick.

While with others, the line between the balls and the ass is a very good place to caress.

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It's like a little ridge of skin, in case you haven't seen what it looks like before. This little ridge has thousands of nerve endings and can be really satisfying to touch.

Stroke it hard, and stroke it well. And the man will feel a lot of pleasure.

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5. To speak; tell him you love him

Sex should not be a competition or silence. I don't even think sex should be hush-hush. Ubong has a theory that silent rooms are dead rooms.

I think this is true.

Imagine couples having sex without talking, moaning or even grunting. Couples who just lay there and let their partners do what they do.

These couples are usually very bored with sex and can't wait to get it over with.

Become a better woman in bed by adding flavor and life to the bedroom.

talk what do you say anything He says the nastiest things. He also says the nicest things. Tell him how much you love him and how he makes you feel.

6. Take a break; be aware also when you want to take one

A woman who expects too much from her man in bed usually makes for a bad sexual encounter. The truth is that sex is not a man's job. It's not the man's responsibility to make sex feel amazing.

It's not the woman's either. It's a joint thing. And when a man and a woman come to see it as such, they have better sex and experience better forms of intimacy.

To be a better woman in bed, pay attention to when your man needs a break. And let him have one.

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When you notice, for example, that your erection is getting weaker, that may be your body's way of asking for a break. Give him that break.

If you notice that he starts to breathe very fast, you can take that break too. In our article, “When to Take a Bed Break,” we explore why a break is useful and when taking breaks is actually helpful.

7. Close your eyes if you have to: Helps with anxiety

High levels of anxiety can make a sexual encounter very awkward.

If you find yourself getting too anxious, close your eyes. This will help a lot.

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8. Encourage him to use lube when you're in pain

Don't be the woman who hates lube. Who just wants to prove that she can be wet enough. Don't be like that. Instead, encourage your man to use lube when he feels you're getting too dry.

This will help him and you, both, as there will be a noticeable reduction in friction and, in general, pain.

9. Throw your ass back

In the doggy position, where you learn to hit, you must learn to throw your ass back.

Many women do not know how to get the puppy position right. We will teach you how to do this in a short article.

10. Be yourself

Now, don't try too hard. Just what you think will give your partner the most pleasure.

A woman who is great in bed should be one to pay attention.

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