It is not uncommon to hear or read people complaining about their love of sex, calling it excessive and disturbing. In this article, I will solve that problem with you. I will teach you how to stop thinking about sex.

1. Stop trying

The thing about thoughts is that they produce more thoughts. There is never a thought that has come into being by itself. Thoughts are always born from other thoughts.

Your constant thinking about sex can be fixed when you stop trying.

As you try to stop thinking about sex, you are unconsciously thinking about sex. This is why we tend to be more attached to people we don't want to think about.

You will feel free when you stop trying.

When you stop resisting thoughts too much. An ancient belief posits that thoughts are like water. As you resist them, they cover you like a stubborn wave, and soon, you drown. The only thing to do is to let them pass.

This may seem very counterproductive, but I assure you, it works.

You have to develop a mindset of, “I'm not going to try to think about sex. But if the thought of sex comes, I won't resist. I'll let it go, as it won't hurt me. Instead, he comes to help.”

This always works. I haven't seen it fail much.

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2. Stop watching porn

One thing you have to understand about human thinking is that we think in pictures. All you're thinking about right now is an image.

When you think of your girlfriend, you are putting a picture of her in your mind.

This means that anything that feeds our imagination will begin to replicate itself as thoughts, even if that stimulus is absent for a while.

Pornography is one of the most sticky images. It stays in your mind so you don't stop thinking about sex even if you don't want to.

It helps to remove such a trigger. Stop watching porn. This will help you more than you know!

I know this can be difficult. But guess what? Only a few things can stop you when you set your mind to achieving something, no matter what it is.

You can stop viewing all forms of pornography today. It's going to be hard in some ways, but you can do it.

Stopping will help keep thoughts of having sex out of your mind.

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3. Stop reading erotic material

Reading erotic material is somewhat worse than even watching pornography. This is because your mind is more engaged when you read books compared to when you actually watch porn.

Think about the last time you read an erotic book. Think about how you had to conjure up the thoughts yourself.

This activity of thinking about things can make your mind more alert and eager to think about things related to sex.

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This will make you want to think more about sex.

So you better stop reading erotic material. They are bad for you. Keep them all away.

4. Develop the habit of writing

Very few things engage the mind more than writing. When you write, the lobes of your brain fire, pumping out all that intellectual information.

This makes writing a great option when trying to replace your erotic thoughts.

Write about things you like. Write about everything. To be honest, I don't know an addict that journaling hasn't helped.

Journaling is like detox. Clear your mind. And more than that, fill your mind with healthy things. Things that will help you be better and think better.

5. Have healthy sex often

This may seem very counterproductive, but if you're starving yourself for the good times that sex brings, chances are you'll be thinking about sex most of the time.

You can't fool your biology. You are made to propel life forward, and for that to happen, you just need to have sex every once in a while.

Preventing you from having sex will not stop sexual thoughts from having you.

This is the way it works. If you have proper, real sex, you won't be anxious to have sex. And as such, thinking about sex shouldn't be the only thing you do.

6. Don't masturbate

seriously no Masturbation is not going to help you. In fact, there is such a big possibility that it can harm your mind.

It can make you dependent on instant gratification. And instant gratification has long been known to make people indulge. It makes people want to give up too easily. They don't want to try anything anymore because all they have to do is sit in there and repeat whatever makes them happy at that moment.

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7. Talk to a sex therapist

Sex therapy is one thing, and a sex therapist is a professional with whom you can discuss everything about your sex life. They can guide you towards better conditioning and sexual habits.

Talk to them about how you feel about your constant thoughts about sex, and I'm sure they'll find ways to help.

8. Cut yourself some slack

There will be relapses. I don't know what you need to hear, but relapses are not a bad thing all the time. Sometimes, they help us consolidate our healing. There is an ever so small chance of falling to an enemy you've defeated more than once.

So, be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to feel things that should be felt.

When you think about sex, even after trying not to, don't make it too weird. Allow yourself to rest. That's how you win at this kind of thing. No one ever wins by pushing too hard.


If you are always thinking about sex and want to stop, you need to start exaggerating your strength instead of decreasing it.

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