Cowgirl positions are some of the most varied sex positions ever. There are so many variants that I almost don't know where to start. In this article, we spice things up in your bedroom by showing you some cowgirl positions that make for amazing sex. Make sure you try them and don't delay.

1. The classic cowgirl

The classic cowgirl position is one that everyone knows. The man lies on his back and the woman is on top of him, like a cowgirl riding a horse. It is an intimate position and very perfect for guys who have small dicks because the woman's vagina is quite open.

The classic cowgirl can be done with the legs wide apart or the legs closer together, each achieving its own function. When the legs are apart, the strokes are deeper and comparatively better.

The classic cowgirl has around four variants. These include:

The neck sling

Have you ever seen a rider? He holds on to his horse's rope (rein) while riding the horse. This keeps it stable. The Neck Sling variant of the classic cowgirl works the same way. Only this time, the man's neck is the sling. She puts her hands under his neck and lifts him up a little. It should be a little so as not to cause pain.

The neck sling is best for couples who may try BDSM for the first time. It really is an amazing sex position.

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Hands behind cowgirl

This is another rather sexual variant of the classic cowgirl position. It's very sexy and leads to more movement.

It's also pretty easy to get into. All you have to do is get into the normal cowgirl position and put your hands behind you on top of the bed. This will cause you to lean back, opening up your vaginal area so your man can easily touch it if he wants to.

This position is best for caressing. It is also a good position when the man does not want to do any work. Say, when you come out of a busy day at work but insist on having sex. You do the work for him, and he stands there having fun.

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The standing classic

Here, the woman has her feet flat on the bed. She doesn't have thighs on the bed.

This is a perfect position to feel your man's drive. Being flat-footed in bed will create a space between your body and his, so that his features are felt and go deeper.

The classic standing is best when the man wants to participate in the game, when he wants to join you for the walk.

To make things a little easier in this position, you'd better try it on a couch, because it's a pretty difficult position and can cause tension in your thighs.

If there is no couch around, it is helpful to place a pillow under your man's waist.

The wall mount

This is your usual type of cowgirl position, only the woman supports herself by placing both hands on the wall. This is best done during the standing classic, because placing your hand on the wall distributes the pressure you may feel on your thighs. You have some support, after all.

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It is best to do it in bed, when the bed is close to a wall.

If your wife can't cowgirl with you for long periods of time, chances are she's dealing with pain. He may not say it. But you should be able to figure it out and suggest that he put his hand on the wall.

2. The reverse cowgirl position

The reverse cowgirl position is just the classic cowgirl style position, but with your wife facing away. It's a much less intimate position anyway, as there will be no eye contact. But it is intense. I recommend it for couples who are dealing with performance anxiety or people who might have a one night stand.

To get into the reverse cowgirl position, the man lies on his back. The woman climbs up to him, looking away.

It is important that you take precautions when doing reverse cowgirling because it is quite dangerous. Research shows that most penile fractures occur when one is doing reverse cowgirling.

There are many variations of the reverse cowgirl, but I'm particularly interested in two:

The reverse flat cowgirl

Not many women can do this because of the demand it places on their thighs and core muscles. But the few who can swear by it provide some of the best feelings ever.

In reverse flat cowgirl, you get into the normal cowgirl position, but lean forward to lie almost flat on your belly. This will tilt your man's penis so that he touches your G-spot with each stroke.

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It feels good. But be careful not to flex too much and suddenly, so that your man does not get injured.

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The reverse standing

This is like the normal standing cowgirl position. I'll argue that it feels much more intense anyway like having one removed from your body. Men admit it's the best position when they're having sex with someone they may never see again.

3. The bathroom cowgirl

This is a perfect position for couples trying bathroom sex for the first time. The man sits on the toilet seat and the woman sits in front of him. The result is an almost perfect alignment of your genitals.

Every hit hits. Each stroke carries with it a special kind of intensity. The bathroom cowgirl is also really making a revival. There is no pressure on the thighs or the shoulder.


Cowgirl and its variants make sex very beautiful. They offer space for more sensations. A yes for me and millions of people.

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