Poetry is the language of the heart. When written correctly, it is able to penetrate anyone's subconscious and do the job they want. That's why it's a good idea to write erotic poetry for your partner. In this article, we add some spice to your sex life and show you how to write the most erotic poetry for your partner:

Understand a little about poetry

One of the hardest things about writing erotic poetry is knowing exactly what poetry is and what it can do.

Many people think that poetry is all about rhyme schemes and style. But it goes further.

Poetry is just using words to paint pictures and create an emotion with just a few words. Unlike short stories, poetry focuses heavily on creating an image rather than telling a story.

This is why poetry works best when trying to seduce your partner.

Poetry also has to be structured like poetry. In the end, it is this structure that makes the difference.

Anyone can write poetry if someone tells them how. Even you can.

Read erotic poetry

One of the beautiful things about poetry is that you learn by watching others. If you're going to learn to write poetry, you have to watch others write it.

Just a quick Google search will bring before your eyes hundreds of well-written poems.

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Read these poems with great interest. Pay attention to what they tell and how they tell it. Practice some. You might feel like you're not doing anything yet. But something is happening unconsciously.

It will appear eventually, and you'll love it.

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How long do you want your poem to be?

The first thing to consider when writing an erotic poem is how long you want your poem to be.

I suggest you stick with shorter poems right now. But if you're sure you have what it takes to write a longer poem, I won't hold you back.

Short poems work well at first because they feel less strange. Your partner is unlikely to laugh or make fun of you.

However, if you sent a long poem, they might laugh at it and say, “When did you become a poet?”

Long poems work when you get used to it because they contain multiple images and trigger your partner's desire to imagine.

Understand your own emotions

Remember that I have established that poetry is an art form that is highly dependent on the emotions a person feels.

If your emotions are clear, you can write your partner some of the best erotic poems ever.

One emotion you should rely heavily on is lust. I promise you that lust drives many of our actions. It also produces art, when and if you know how.

Write your poetry only when you are full of lust. Think about the best sex you and your partner had and use this thought as an engine to write a poem.

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Listen to some erotic music

Erotic music is often just poetry in another form. Some people agree that listening to music while writing poetry helps a lot.

I agree that it does. And that's why I encourage you to have erotic music in the background.

In an upcoming article, we'll be exploring the best erotic albums to listen to when you're looking for some of the most erotic music.

Don't think too much about the first sentence

The first sentence is often the hardest sentence in any poem. So I don't want you to think too much about it.

Write anything that comes to mind. Some of the best poems are those that begin on a personal basis and begin with an action.

Write down five to ten options to choose from.

Something along the lines of:

“I sit here and watch…”

“I wish a…”

It must be a custom image that contains some image depth.

You can also start your first sentence with a question. One that you will explore throughout the poem.

Something like this will prove to be truly amazing; “What will I do to your body to make you scream?”

Then, throughout the poem, you explore what you will do to make him scream.

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Make every line count

Each line in the first line should count. This is how good poetry is written.

Each line has to push the poem forward, so there are no wasted words.


The image is the best of poetry without a doubt. You should pay attention to it while writing your poem.

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The rule of thumb is: if they can imagine it, then the poetry is good.

Let your wife imagine what you just wrote.

You can unleash your imagination from anywhere. Talk about the most common things. The things you see when you look at it.

Now, using metaphors, compare your body to these things.

You can say something like:

“Your thighs are like emeralds I'd like to bury my face in.”

It's pretty simple, but it makes you feel good.


Erotic poetry should carry many promises. You should tell your partner what you have in mind to do to him. And these promises should be real sensual.

If you do it perfectly, or even almost perfectly, you'll have some of the best erotic poems ever.

A short poem:

I open myself to you

As your thighs open for me:

My tongue will find your clit

like a treasure, and my hands

It will find the crest within you.


Good poetry is gold.

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