Your girl's father is ironically one of the easiest people to please. But that's a very steep slope. Make one wrong move and it all comes crashing down. Make the right moves and he wouldn't just be impressed. He will become your number one rooter. He may even step in when you are having difficulties with your wife and try to fix it. The big question is how? There are ten great answers in this article. Here's how to impress your girlfriend's dad.

1. He knows. Don't act smart

One of the fastest ways to impress him is to not act smart. To recognize that he is the smart one. This is especially true if the relationship is new. Trust me, he knows. He knows you are dating his daughter.

He probably doesn't even have a problem with it. What will be a problem, is that you act intelligently. As if you have everything under control.

You didn't do it. She is his daughter. You can't impress him by lying.

2. Make the first meeting count

Insist that you want to meet him. And when the meeting happens, make it count. Be the perfect gentleman. Let me start with your dressing. It smells good. Wear nice clothes. Comb your hair well.

Your first look should be one that shocks you with respect.

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Men are first struck by a wave of respect before they are shocked. If he can look at you and say, “This guy looks so respectable.” He is going to be very impressed with you.

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3. It is not an object of sexual attraction

When you are with him and his daughter, say at a family dinner, he is no longer your object of sexual attraction. You may have just fucked her so well. But right now? In the presence of his father? She is just another one of those lionesses to be respected.

Don't give her weird looks, like you're trying to seduce her. Keep in mind that your father will have his eyes on you most of the time. Take advantage of this. Men use their eyes to make judgments: what they see is what they believe.

So, let him see that his daughter is nothing but a gem.

4. Look at her with pure respect

yes He looks at her like that before his father.

Each father is looking for another substitute for his daughter. She wants her daughter to be with a man who can be her father.

Watch how he looks at his daughter and learn to look at her that way too.

He watches her lips when he speaks, as if what he is saying has all the interest in the world.

5. Whisper in their ears; make her laugh

Your girlfriend's father wants to be sure that he is leaving his little girl in the hands of a man who loves her.

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It's not in your mind. So, look for things that suggest your love for your daughter in the way you relate to her.

She wants to see you join her.

If you bond enough and keep a tight boundary, he's going to be impressed with you.

Show this bond by praising her. Tell her she looks great. Comment on the things she says and motivate her.

He whispers in her ears from time to time and laughs about it.

Let her wonder what you're doing.

When he asks, “What are you doing?” More than once, you can tell that he is already impressed!

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6. He respects his mother and his siblings

Men are automatically impressed by their families. So you have to find ways to show him that considering your family is a good idea.

He does this by showing respect to his wife, who happens to be the mother of your girlfriend and his other children.

If they are younger than your girlfriend, you can play with them. Bond with them through a cute video game.

Make them laugh too. And maybe tell them how you feel about their sister. Trust children to talk. They will keep telling your girlfriend's father that you love her sister so much.

This will leave you even more impressed.

7. Show ambition

Men want to know that you are capable of taking care of their babies.

They want to know that their daughter is not on her way to ending up with a man who will laze around all day even as the family suffers from debt and financial crises.

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Show ambition in the way you speak and act.

Talk about the one thing that means the world to you.

Be especially careful when answering the question, “What do you do?”

More than half the time, it's a test. And one that cannot afford to fail.

8. He is the Group Leader

Yes, give him that honor. He is the man. He is the alpha.

He is the one who just has to be respected. He knows this. And he wants you to know it too.

He wants you to know Him so well that the knowledge finds its place in your mind.

Ask for their opinion as often as you should. Ask what he thinks about your moves. Seek their advice.

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9. Engage him intellectually

Engaging intellectually with your girlfriend's father is one of the most remarkable ways to impress him. You don't have to talk about things as hard as rocket science.

You can talk about the simplest things. But remember to use humor to your advantage.

10. Ask for help

When he starts to feel that you are an awesome guy, he will be open to helping you when you need help.

So, ask him for help. It will improve the relationship between the two.

Keep in mind that it is never a good idea to ask your girlfriend's father for financial help.

Ask for help that touches your work and your relationship.

Impressing your girlfriend's man is easy!

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