Do you want a man who chases you? Here's how you get into his mind using text messages. Here are ten messages to get almost any man chasing you.

1. Today is a cold afternoon. I would love to be around you. But then again, no one really knows when any of us will have time.

With this message, you are making a statement, showing him that you are very interested in spending time with him and going out with him.

He will understand the point, suddenly understand that he has a shot with you.

Men chase each other when they feel they have a shot with a woman.

2. There is something about you that I have yet to discover. I don't know what it is, but maybe one day I'll figure it out.

What you are doing here is a reverse of what you are trying to achieve.

Men don't really have reverse strategies. You can make a man do something by presenting him with the opposite.

Like with this one. As you show that you're interested in finding out, say: well, he must be smart to try to figure me out. Maybe I have to figure her out too.

This will make him chase you.

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3. There are times when all I think about is sex, but then again, I remember what it feels like to have conversations with you.

With this, you are showing something that he cannot stop seeing.

It's like looking at a photo of a hot model. You only see the model. You don't see the environment, even when there is something to see.

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While you are telling this man that you love conversations with him, you are actually showing him that he has a chance of having sex with you.

I don't know many men who will miss this shot.

He's going to say, “Wait, does that mean she likes having sex? If she does, maybe I have a chance with her.

4. i love someone But this someone doesn't seem to notice me. Guess who that someone is? I'm talking about you, stupid.

With humor, you are showing this man that you have some affection for him. Humor is what makes things very beautiful.

It's what makes him chase you.

Know that you are not desperate: humor dampens despair. Even if you're pretty desperate, if you make a man laugh about it, he won't see past your humor.

It will make him chase you.

5. Maybe you just have to look, and maybe your blind eyes will see that I love you as much as you love me.

This is also very funny, and I don't know a man who won't chase a woman he likes if told this.

It is a show that the woman likes.

Men like to pursue women they know have some kind of affection for them.

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6. They say I'm a puzzle that needs to be figured out.

This is a compliment of its own. And even if it feels bad, it's not bragging. You're just showing the man that you have a good bone inside you about yourself.

You will be intrigued by this, especially if you know when to introduce it into the conversation.

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You're going to want to figure yourself out, because if other men are trying to do it, then there must be something special about you.

7. Here are ten photos of me. Tell me which one you like best, and that's the one I'll post.

The best way to text a guy if you want him to chase you is to send him photos and videos.

Sending photos is a great way to hook up.

If you ask him for his opinion on your pictures, it's a sign that he gets it. He immediately knows that you like him, and as I said before, this will lead to his pursuit.

If the pictures look great, then he will have more motivation to pursue you.

8. Want to see a picture of me in some outfit you like?

This will make him faint. The first thing that will cross your mind is, “Wow, I might be lucky.”

And the next thing that pops into his head is, “Wait, did she just flirt with me?”

All in all, you will get a glimmer of hope. And this hope will make it haunt you.

One of the reasons men don't pursue is because the spark that is hope is extinguished too quickly. If you make a man feel that there is no hope, that he will never have sex or a relationship, then he will not pursue it.

On the other hand, if you make him feel like there's going to be something at the end of the day, he's going to chase it.

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9. I'll text you in an hour. wait for mom

Waiting is something that many men do not like to do.

Waiting is hard, of course, and creates a lot of tension. Think about how long you've had to wait for someone to show up for a date.

You felt so tense, as if the person wasn't going to show up again. So I called them every two minutes, which literally translates to chasing them.

That's exactly what happens when you send a man messages like this. He gets tense and misses you, and if he waits long enough, he'll start chasing you.

10. Guess how much I like you?

Here, ask him a single question. But with this question comes a charade of emotions.

He starts wondering how much you like him and tries to make him like you even more.


Men pursue women who give them a glimmer of hope.

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