If you're having sex, you want to make sure the sex is long enough to be satisfying, and you and your partner explore at least two different sex-style positions. In this article, we will provide one of the most comprehensive answers to the question, taking into account many variables. Enjoy the ride.

Is it a fast one?

One of the first questions you need to answer when trying to figure out how long is too long to have sex is: is it a quick one?

If so, then having it for more than twenty minutes is too long.

Fasts should usually last between five and ten minutes. I've had a few quickies that lasted only two or three minutes, but they turned out to be at the top of the best sex list for me.

Rapids are meant to be spontaneous. So by taking away that spontaneity, you take away the very essence of having them.

Where is the sex happening?

Where sex occurs has such an important role to play when you are considering how long is too long for sex to continue.

If it's happening in your home, you can continue as long as you want.

But if it's happening at a friend's house or in a party environment, then it's best to keep it short.

30-45 minutes should be fine, and anything longer is considered too long.

In fact, thirty minutes is enough for both you and your partner to reach an orgasm.

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What kind of sex is it?

Surprise, surprise, the type of sex we're talking about also affects how long sex should last.

I will divide the “types” of sex into four:

– Sex Makeup: make-up sex is known to last much longer, as it is sex that does not take place all the time, but occurs occasionally.

This is where all forms of casual sex come into play. That includes sex after being away for some time; say, in different cities.

One hour will be my benchmark. Anything considerably (more than ten minutes) longer will be too much.

– Leisure sex: sex that occurs during leisure, or if it is taken as a form of leisure, should not last too long. It should be between 15 and 30 minutes.

If it is done more, then it is no longer sex for pleasure.

Early morning sex falls into this category. You'll agree that whenever you have sex very early in the morning, you tend to do it because it's some kind of necessary early relaxation.

– Spontaneous sex: spontaneous sex, like a quick one, shouldn't last that long.

It should also last between 15 and 30 minutes.

– Exploratory sex: Sometimes couples have sex as a means of exploring each other's bodies.

This kind of sex should last a long time. Because it involves a lot of foreplay and there's no rush.

No one rushes a scan. none So the next time you have exploratory sex with your wife, you should try not to overthink it. Just go with the flow.

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Are you wearing a cock ring?

Penis rings are known to help maintain an erection.

We'll cover it in detail in either of these two articles (the first is: do penis pumps work and the other is how to get hard and stay hard)

However, penis rings should not be worn for a long time, as wearing them for a long time can damage the tissues of the penis.

You should never wear a cock ring for more than 30 minutes.

If the sex is to continue for a long time, it is better to remove the penis ring for some time and then have sex again.

Having sex with a cock ring for more than 30 minutes is too long.

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