Sex in the bathtub, over the years, has become very popular among regular couples. It used to be common among the wealthy class, especially royalty, to have sex in jacuzzis. We wrote this article for regular couples like you and me who may be trying out sex in the bathtub for the first time. We offer advice that produces pleasure and also ensures safety.

1. Safety first

You have to be sure that you are safe. There should be no room for accidents. This means that the floors outside the tub should not be soaped. I know a couple who fell on the floor while trying to get into a bathtub because the floors were soapy.

If you're not sure if the floor is soap or not, some caution doesn't hurt. Mop the floors. Make sure there is nothing in your way.

Now, make sure there are no electrical wires around. Electrocution doesn't come during bathtub sex, but it does happen, and I can tell you why. Electrocution during sex in the bathtub happens because water is a conductor of electricity.

If any bare wires get in the way, you're likely to get a shock. So be sure to check. Again and again as many times as necessary.

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2. Set the right mood

There is always a mood for sex. Sex can't happen all the time because you have to set the mood.

You have to be creative while creating the mood for having sex in the bathtub. Pay attention to the lighting. Bright lighting may not do the magic. You're better off sticking with cool lighting. There are many options to choose from, but I especially love the blue lights.

The dimly lit blue lights fall on your face from a really nice angle and can make things even more intense.

You should also use music to set the mood. There's a lot to choose from, but I'll prefer to make my own playlist. Creating a sex playlist is an art, and bad boys know it.

3. Choose the right fragrance

The right fragrance also works magic. This is where many couples lose it when they have sex in the bathtub. They just go with whatever soap they can think of. Unfortunately, matters of sex don't work that way.

You have to choose the right fragrance for you and your partner.

The right fragrance will not cause allergic reactions such as sneezing. Believe me when I say it: a sneezing fit is a very common occurrence during bathtub sex, and it's common among newbies.

Choose a fragrance that you both like.

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4. Choose the right temperature

The temperature also has an effect on how good sex will feel in a bathtub. In fact, the temperature of the water often sets the mood. If the water is warm, things can get pretty intense and not last long. But if the water is cold, there is sure to be a lot of intensity as both will be tempted to share body heat during hugs and kisses.

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Choose what works for you. If you have a cold allergy and only take a hot bath, for example, don't have sex in the tub when the water is cold.

5. Choose the correct water level

Does the water level matter too? Of course, yes, yes. The water level suggests how you want sex to feel.

Low water levels should indicate the start of sex, while higher water levels indicate that sex is over and it's time to cuddle.

6. Start with some scrubs

With shower sex, what you want to do is start small and then build up the tension from there. Half sitting, with legs stretched out side by side if the tub is big enough. If not, you should sit half across from each other, but know that one person will have to move as things escalate.

Start by rubbing your thighs together. If there is a glass of wine nearby, now is the time to take a couple of sips.

Now, get to work rubbing your hands together. The tension will increase from there.

7. Some kissing and foreplay should be on the way

The rubbing should set the tone for some foreplay and some kissing. Bathroom foreplay is usually pretty amazing, wet and messy.

Kiss your partner as sensually as possible, running your fingers over his chest. Now, find a nipple and grab it. Start caressing, all the while kissing them. Don't take your lips from his for even a second.

He runs his hands between her thighs and holds his dick. Start stroking but make sure there is no friction that makes things painful.

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8. Find a position that works for you

Sex in the bathtub can be quite limiting as not all positions work. There are only a few positions you can get out of without getting hurt. One of which is the puppy. The doggy is a great idea as no one is submerged and no one is at risk of suffocation.

Be slow, grinding hard on her ass. You can make things really intense by whipping.

Another position that works very well is cowgirl. The man sits half-sitting and the woman sits on him, swinging on his groin. It is one of the best positions to have sex in the bathroom by far.

9. Be creative

When it comes to sex, I like to advise couples to be creative about it. Be creative and do what's on your mind. This is how couples are supposed to bond. Have fun!

10. Towel up

Now dry yourself off and go into the room. And if you want, you can have more sex.


Sex in the bathtub is as amazing as it gets. Get in the mood and get your partner in the mood too.

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