The good thing about dating women is that they will always leave traces and signs along the way. If you're observant enough, you'll be able to spot these and make your move. This is what makes it seem like the bad guys always get the girls. They don't! They only know how to watch for signs, leaving when the signs indicate nothing is there and staying when the signs leave the promise of intimacy. In this article, we help you read the signs. Here are unmistakable signs of what's in store for you tonight.

1. You both had a remarkable first date

The fact is that women know if they are going to have sex with you from the first meeting. This is what men do not know.

Whenever a woman meets a new man, she places him in one of three categories.

The first category consists of men with whom you know you will have sex. She knows for sure that it will happen in a matter of time.

Men who fall into this category are usually men who have such good sex appeal. A woman looks at a man like that and smiles because she knows she loves him.

The second category of men are men who may have a chance. The woman usually needs two or three more meetings to be sure if she wants him or not. There is a fire, but the spark is absent, leaving the flame very small.

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What all men in this category need to do is step up their game.

In a sequel to this article, titled: “How to Get on His List,” I show you how to go from being the man you're not sure you want to being the man you want to get by any means possible.

The third category of men are men you know you don't want. These men have very low sex appeal and sooner or later they will be sent to the friend zone.

Think about the first time you met this woman. This is where he must have placed you on his list of potential mates. If the meeting was flawless, I'm sure that sooner or later he will give it to you.

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2. She is dressed loosely

Women know how to make things easy for men. This is just the truth. Whenever a guy complains that a woman is making things difficult for him, I can immediately tell that he doesn't like the woman.

If a woman likes you, it will be so easy to have her. She will make sure of that. She will give you signs. And one of those signs that you shouldn't miss is its dressing.

Loose dress means ease. Things are going to be easy when it comes time to get one. Unbuckle a strap and all your clothes are on the floor.

Aretha says, “On nights when I can tell I'm going to have him, or he's going to have me, I dress pretty loose. This is to make things really easy. We women have our ways, and it's rare that men don't even know it. “.

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Daria laughed and said: “Yes, I agree. Men don't seem to know. But we chose the colors perfectly. When we put on a short red dress, what do you think we're doing? We want to be in your eyes so much that you can't look away. That's how we adapt in this game.”

Pay attention

If she is dressed loosely, compliment the dress and make a joke about taking it off. What is your reaction?

3. Take an aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs are materials and perfumes that can make one want more sex. If a woman is looking for a man on a given night, she will turn to aphrodisiacs. These are sure to drive the man crazy and make him want her.

Complement her perfume and ask her if she wore it especially for you. If your answer is yes, you know you're going to give in tonight. You are lucky!

Kevin says, “When my wife puts on an aphrodisiac, I can tell she loves me.”

4. She insists on being alone

If she insists on being alone with you, you should know for sure that she is literally begging you to come get her.

For example, if you are both on a date. And suddenly, she says something like: “I'm quite uncomfortable; can we take this somewhere else? Are you staying around?”

That's the one asking for sex.

If you're both in your place, he might say something like, “I don't know where your room is and you didn't show me.”

You should learn one thing about women, and that is subtlety.

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Women are very subtle, but the message is still clear to the guys who know this game.

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5. Break the touch barrier

The tactile barrier is what blocks the non-sexual phase from the sexual phase of any relationship.

When a woman starts to break the touch barrier, it should tell you that she is starting to enter the sexual phase with you.

You like it more than you'd like to admit.

If she invites you to that private place and starts touching you. It doesn't necessarily have to be sexual contact. It can be anything.

But trust me, tell a story, a story that she loves you. Women are quite antagonistic to men's touches that they don't like, so if he touches you, it means he likes you.

6. She encourages your touch

If it encourages your touch instead of pushing your hands away, continue. There is nothing to fear. This is where you are lucky.

A lot of guys don't know that. This is why they must learn to initiate sex for the first time.

Women almost always know when to give in!

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