Jealousy has always been one of the best tricks to rekindle attraction and keep this attraction so high that your partner thinks about nothing but you and the relationship you both share. It sounds easy, but it's actually not that simple. A lot of people miss it with the jealousy trick and mess things up completely. In this article, I'm going to help you make sure you get it right. I will be showing you how to make her feel jealous.

1. Be on your A game

If you're going to make a girl jealous, then you have to be on your A-game at all times.

Note that jealousy is a possessive emotion that leads us to covet. And we almost always only want to covet things that mean a lot to us.

You won't mean much to her if you're not on your A-game.

That is, if you are not committed to your dreams and your purpose. While men are attracted to women on the basis of femininity, women want a man who is very focused on his purpose.

Have you found your purpose in life yet? If you have, then this is a plugin for you.

If you haven't, then you have to work to find out what brings you into this world, what life expects of you.

In the coming weeks, I'm going to show you how you can find your purpose and walk in it

2. Don't be too available

Overtime, what is too readily available starts to look very cheap.

You don't want to look like that in front of your girlfriend. You want to look like such a big prize. Something she aims to achieve.

The moment you start appearing like that in her subconscious, something will start happening in her. She will unknowingly find herself becoming more jealous than she normally would.

This is because your mind has gone into protection mode.

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He began to say: “You don't feel like it anymore. It can only mean that you give it to someone else.”

That's jealousy. Pure and unbridled jealously. It's so beautiful because you didn't have to do much to make it feel that way.

3. Do not seek desire from him

There's nothing more attraction-killing than constantly trying to fish for a woman's desire.

I like to say this all the time. There is really no substitute for genuine desire in this world. Genuine desire cannot be traded.

It just happens. Often, when we desire something or someone so deeply, we don't even know why.

Think of all the people you've had a strong desire for.

Thanks for how it started. Like it almost felt like you were losing your mind. They were always on your mind and never had to ask “Do you love me?” Because they knew, seeing how clear it was, that you loved them.

If you have a habit of trying to get him to want you by saying things like:

  • “Tell me how much you love me.”
  • “Promise me you won't cheat on me with other guys.”
  • “Promise me you'll do anything to keep your knot from breaking.”

I have bad news for you:

“You are on your way to breaking your relationship with your own hand.

Such a relationship will not last long. If it's still standing. You are showing him that he is in control. There is no need for her to yearn for you since you are doing all the wanting.

She therefore cannot be jealous.

If you're looking to make him genuinely jealous without making it obvious, you have to find ways to flip the coin. She must become the one who seeks your love and comfort. She must become the one who pushes you to promise her a “forever”.

This is your role. She's going to fill it up nicely, and the jealousy is going to drive an affair that both you and she are going to really enjoy.

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4. Say little: but do much

Men who are unpredictable are the best men to be around, many women agree.

The trait of being unpredictable is one that leads women to a position where they are not safe.

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Women want to be sure of most things. They work like this. They want to be sure a man loves them before they ever think about commitment.

They want to be sure that he will be with them long enough before they consider sex with him.

A man who makes them insecure is one who will do two tricks:

The first trick is that they will threaten to leave you. If their desire for this man is not so great, they can leave him.

The second trick is that they will look for their answers themselves by displaying behaviors that they think will get the man.

Think of it as winning over the man.

It's when they pull this trick that they shoot themselves in the leg. As they try to please him, over time, they find that they love him even more than before.

Jealousy kicks in and things get really nice. At least for the man.

5. Attract other women

If you're going to make her jealous, then you have to show her that other women love you too.

You don't have to put it on your face. This will make things too obvious and blow your cover.

You'll find ways to let her figure it out for herself.

So he suddenly realizes that, “Wow. A lot of other women want my man.”

How you do this is up to you.

But here are some tricks I've tried, and these tricks almost always work:

Respond to female compliments with a warm thank you:

If you're a guy who keeps himself clean and looks good, you're sure to get a ton of compliments from other women. Your girlfriend wants you to ignore these compliments. But no Answer them. Let him see that other women love you. Make her jealous.

Draw attention to someone who is looking at you flirtatiously:

And he does it innocently. Do it in a way you will never suspect. You can say something like, “That woman over there keeps looking at me,” or “Why do women here look at men so weird?”

6. Let her know you can do just fine without her

A woman takes on the role of a dark queen, she ignores you when you start showing her weakness.

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Of all the different forms weakness takes, nothing screams weakness louder than showing a woman that she can't function properly without it.

I see a lot of guys do this, and I make fun of it. They say things like:

  • I can't do without you.
  • I'm not the same since you left.
  • why don't you talk to me Please talk to me. I love you so much.

Those things don't work. They don't work because feminine doesn't apply to feminine.

Be masculine. Show her that you can do just fine without her, and she'll lust after you with eager, hot jealousy.

7. Enjoy the relationship

There are times when this is all there is to do.

Your constant worry about whether or not the relationship will work, because of the need to make her jealous, is unconsciously driving you to act needy. She is feeling this need and is unconsciously responding by resisting her feminine side.

She can't be jealous of a man who does nothing but worry about his relationship with her. Who makes himself look small in his eyes. You should never look small in a woman's eyes.

8. Pass all your tests

Whenever you give a girl a reason, she will test your masculinity.

She will act a certain way or ask questions that set you up for a fall.

Pass these tests and she will desire you enough to show you her jealous side. Fail and she'll show you why you should work for her approval.

Trust me, you don't want to fail their tests. You don't want to be in a relationship driven by female energy.

9. Engage her in a way that glorifies you

“Look how you look someone who is my girl.”

“You look like someone I will want in my life.”

There should be a touch of possessiveness in many of your compliments.

This way, she starts seeing herself as your wife and starts forcing herself to act like one.

10. Be a hero

Be their hero. Everyone wants to be with a hero!

You can definitely make her jealous without overdoing it.

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