One thing the average girl has more than the average guy is a surprisingly high number of options. A girl may look just as good as a guy, but she has ten times more options than he does. And the problem with these options is that they are constantly in rotation. The list keeps updating so the guys have to compete for a spot. Although this may seem unfair, the truth is that it is not. This is how mating works, even with other lower mammals. It seems to have a primitive root. In this article, we show you how to move up your list of potential partners, especially if you missed your first chance.

1. Did you screw up on the first date? There is more to go

Guys like to think that one mistake spells the end of things with women. This is not true. In fact, it's not even close to the truth.

With women, there will be several opportunities. You just don't have to make the wrong kind of mistake.

The fact that he is still talking to you even after the first mess shows that he is giving you another chance. By all means, take advantage of this.

2. Ask to meet her again

This is the redemptive encounter. And to be honest, it tends to be one of the best ever. If he's still talking to you after the first meeting didn't go well, he's saying, “Okay, I'll give you another chance. Just don't blow it this time.”

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Take his advice. Don't blow it!

Everything must be near perfect. From the place you choose to the clothes you wear. By all means, you should look like a man of high worth who is a gentleman.

Ladies love gentlemen who have a touch of bad boys. This is because as much as a woman likes and prefers men who are providers and are responsible, she also likes men who are able to arouse the desire for sex.

Be the bad guy. But be the good guy at the same time. This is how you get your list of potential partners.

3. Agitate negative emotions

You have to know that there are a lot of guys behind her. You don't want to be the one who is like everyone else.

Be the different type, and she will direct her attention to you. This is how the bad guys get a lot of women.

You can be different in many ways, but I don't want you to be different in a good way. You should be the playboy.

It triggers negative feelings and emotions in her and does it often. Make her feel sad and then make her laugh like you're playing her emotions like a card.

Women like guys who are like that. She'll turn her attention to you, and over time, you'll start to become the type she considers the best potential mate.

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4. Make him laugh

Women like guys who make them laugh. That's how they've always been. If you make a woman laugh, and if you do it often, she will remember it for some time.

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Learn to be humorous. Don't be the boring guy. Every time you sit down to talk to her, make sure there's something you can both laugh about.

It can be something about you or something about her. I suggest it is something about her because she is a woman and loves to be the center of attention. He's sure to love being the center of your attention.

5. Be proud and funny: Or father, arrogant and funny

If you look at all the bad guys who seem to choose women over seemingly good men, you'll see that these men are arrogant and funny. It almost makes you want to ask, “Why do women like to choose jerks?”

Well, because you can't throw idiots. At the core of every woman is the desire for stability.

A woman wants to be stable, and she is sure to find that stability in a man who is stable and doesn't let his emotions get the best of him. Be cocky and funny. Stand up for what you believe in and disagree with her from time to time. I understand that you may be afraid that this will push her away, but trust me, it won't.

It will make him love you even more.

6. Be able to disagree with her

Don't be a pushover. Be able to disagree with her from time to time. Women like it when men can disagree.

It means you have a mind of your own. You should have a mind of your own.

Women like it.

And when you disagree with her, make sure to teach her that too. Don't just disagree with your wife. teach her

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Show him what you mean and how you want things done.

7. Be sexy as hell

Never suppress your desire to have sex with a woman.

Doing so just makes you look very desperate. At the core of every woman, she knows that men desire sex; she knows that most of the men she meets want to have sex with her.

You don't have to deny your desire for sex. You don't have to be a knight in shining armor.

There's really no need to pretend you're not interested in sex. Even she knows you are, and you should make this as clear as possible, but not so clear that you start to sound desperate and just driven by sex.

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8. Know when to hit with it

The man who should make it to the top of your list should be the man who understands exactly how time works, especially in the context of relationships.

Know when to move on and when to pause.

Be the different guy. She wants that one.

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