Every bad boy knows that a phone call can be a great tool to ignite the lust in a woman's heart and have her craving you every minute of the call. All bad guys use phone calls to their advantage. All bad boys land on women who are stricken with raging desire. And lay down these women. So why don't you become a bad boy already and use your full potential to attract and bed women? In this article, we show you twenty things to say to a woman during a call to make her wet and desire you.

1. Can we switch to video calling? I think you should see what made my dick talk to you

The bad boy is bold, and that's what makes women love him. If you want it to leak, you have to be the bold type. Control the call. If you leave control in his hands, he will take you to the friend zone.

So take charge. Let him know that what you want is sexual, and he will follow your lead.

She'll say, “If this guy is so bold, he must know what he's doing.”

Tell him you want him to see your dick because it will help get the conversation going. Your stick is the prize at this point.

As urban poet and rapper Kendrick Lamar said in his song, something every bad boy knows, “This duck ain't free.”

2. Too bad we're talking on the phone. I wish you were here so I could do more than talk.

She has her wish for something when you call her. This is what this message does. Desires create tension. If you desire something, you are bound by a strong desire.

Come to her with strong desire. Let him know the stick is here and he can get it. But not so easy.

She will immediately think about sex, and throughout the call, she will harbor the imagination of having you inside her.

This is enough to make any woman wet.

3. Sometimes I imagine what your voice will sound like when you are screaming my name. What makes you scream? Tongue to your clit?

Now, you come across as the guy who understands her seduction game. And you should show yourself as that guy whenever you want a woman to get wet just listening to you talk on the phone.

This will make you imagine two things:

First, she will imagine how her tongue will feel on her clitoris. Of course, this is a statement that evokes a very wild image.

And then she's going to imagine what she's going to do to make him scream.

He must really know how to fuck, she would think. And yes, it will conjure up the image of a guy who knows how to fuck. It is this image that will wet it for you.

4. Do you like the sound of men moaning in your ears? Because I almost want to moan right now, but there's no one to make me.

You are using images to your advantage again during the call. You are supposed to. How many times does it take to wet her during this call.

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With this, you are also doing something I call mirroring.

You are dumping your own desires on her without making yourself seem desperate.

You're saying, “I love you.”

Most women will read this as, “He must really love me. His desire is contagious. Then I want him too.”

Women like to be objects of desire for men they may have little feelings for. If you show her how much you want her, she's sure to get wet.

She will become so on the call.

I leave these explanations so that you do not speak what I am saying. But know why you say them, and maybe, make your own words.

5. She looks like daddy's girl, but I know there's a hot woman hiding in there, and I can't wait to get her out because she should be free and flying and having fun.

Now you are cheating on her. This is the perfect way to tell a woman that she has a very mean side.

Women bring out their bad sides when they are comfortable.

What you are about to say will make him so comfortable that he finds nothing wrong with showing you his bad side.

She's going to be excited, for sure. wet And it's likely that she will continue to lead the session.

6. What are you wearing now? Is there enough room in it for my fingers to slide in there?

Now and again, you're making him imagine things. Vivid images are your best game plan if you're trying to get a woman wet and lusting after you.

You will also feel horny if a woman tells you that she wants to have the cover of your penis in her mouth. You would immediately imagine it. And that imagination is what counts. That's what's so exciting about it.

7. I heard there are more creams than jets. And to be honest, I love it when women burn themselves. I love all that cream smeared on my stick so it starts to look like a pie.

You are putting thoughts in his head again. And this time you are doing more than putting thoughts. You are leading her to explore herself. This is the kind of thing to say to a woman when you want to be touched.

She will immediately remember that she has a vagina that can cream and will try to get that cream out.

8. Are you on birth control? I would really like to make a cream pie.

This is courage. You have to show him that you have courage. Guts are what make a woman want to be with a man. It's the guts that turn her on.

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And who doesn't love a cream pie? I don't think any woman on birth control would dislike it. It's the reason they're on birth control in the first place.

Custard pies are great, and she loves them. So she will be excited.

9. Can I send you a picture of my dick when the call is over and then call you back so we can talk about how much you want all that meat stuffed inside you?

Now, you're putting her in a tight spot. And to be honest, whenever you want to make a woman feel like she's cornered, she falls deeply in love with you and tries to live out that desire by having sex.

Another great thing about telling her this during a call is that you can tell how much she likes you.

If she ends the call and calls you to talk about your dick, then you know she must really like it.

10. Can you suck dick well or handle a man who likes to eat pussy?

Now you are challenging her to prove to you that she is a bad girl. And as I mentioned earlier, women love a man who can challenge them and bring out that side they hide from other men.

The question: “Can you suck the stick well?” It's like a red carpet that brings your bad side into the conversation.

If she says yes, you can move on to asking her about the best cock she's ever sucked.

If you're dealing with a smart woman, I bet she'll dodge the question by throwing another question at you.

Something like, “What do you think?”

Don't answer that. Instead, play your game. Throw in a short but very lively story.

Now you can say something like, “I'm not sure what to think. But I'm most likely going to make you scream when he puts his tongue on your clit.

I don't know any woman who doesn't rave about this.

11. I'm just saying that I like to eat shit. I love eating it so much that I will choose your legs over food because your pleasure is my food.

yes You are letting me see how bad you are. She's going to give up any resistance because she now knows you wouldn't judge her for any reason.

She's going to allow herself to get dripping wet for you, just to keep you coming in with the vocal juices.

12. Are you a bad girl? Everyone says I'm a bad girl until they find a man who pulls her hair from behind and makes them scream.

yes Paint that scene. Show him that you are a very perverted man. Women like men who are kinky and often get wet just listening to these men.

That's why I advise people in relationships to explore each other's kinks and people in the seduction phase to talk about them.

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13. Well, we could make a movie, an adult movie. I hope the neighbors don't think someone is dying there because I'm going to make you scream.

yes Show him you mean business.

A special thing about this is that it generates some anxiety. You'll be surprised how excited women get when they feel some anxiety.

This is called tension. Put them in a position where they don't know whether to feel good about it or feel bad about it.

Most women will get wet for sure.

14. Tell me, what do you want them to do to your body?

This is an open check. It's about pulling all your kinks and desires to the surface and do the work.

This time, you're not the one who wets her. It is her own imagination that makes her feel turned on.

As he tells you what he wants done to his body, imagine it. You don't have as many chances to turn a woman on as she does herself.

15. You are perfect. I don't know if your bow is. Can be. I want to see. I want it to shoot pleasure in my face.

Tell me any woman who doesn't get wet when you tell her this, and I'll show you a woman who might not be completely straight.

16. Tell her a story about your better sex: If she's a secondary girl.

Yes, go all in and do it yourself. Be as expressive as possible.

Ask her what she wants to hear about your sex life. This is her kink, and you should tell her a story that reflects what she wants to hear done to her.

17. What have you heard about men who have very big dicks?

yes By all means, bro, indulge that imagination in a phone call. Imagine that your imagination is her clit and caress it.

18. What does your clitoris look like? Can I lick it with the tip of my tongue or pull your vulva between my lips?

You're promising him a great time with this one and building up a lot of tension. It's this tension that makes things great.

19. Ask her to tell you about her better sex

Yes, now is the time to tell your story. Tell her to be as expressive as possible so she drowns in a world of her own lust.

You have a better chance with women when you can get them turned on by you.

20. Be creative

Now you understand what to do? Of course, you should get on your A-game and get creative. Wet her with that phone call!


You can always wake a woman up for a call and make her drip. You just have to be one of the bad guys to do it.

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