Benazir Kafalat Transgender Program is open for online registration. There is another group in our society that is constantly ignored and undervalued besides women. This group of individuals is known as transgender. Transgender people are also products of Almighty God, like everyone else. Although transgender people are valued members of our society, they face discrimination due to the stigma some people hold against them.

Essential Documents

A decision was taken to bring the transgender community into the Kafalat program of the Benazir Income Support Programme. Due to the social and economic obstacles they face, trans people will also benefit from the aid program for the first time in history. Transgender women need to obtain certain documents to register for the Benazir Kafalat program. It is necessary to bring and fill out these documents to guarantee registration.

The head of the transsexual organization or the head of the group must have an identity card; they must also be registered as transsexuals and have the NADRA computerized ID card.

  • Pakistani citizenship is a requirement for application.
  • The phone number must have the applicant's name on file.

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Registration of transsexuals with BISP

Through the Benazir Income Support Program, NADRA should issue national identity cards to transgender people as they identify as transgender. To apply for the Benazir Income Support Program it is necessary to take all the required documentation to the nearest BISP Tehsil office. Your registered telephone number, boss's identity card, energy or gas bill and national identity card are included in this document. They must register through the Dynamic Survey. They will receive a confirmation reply from the phone number 8171 after a successful registration. They will then receive a Benazir Kafalat Program stipend of 10,500 rupees.

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Purpose of the BISP program

The State must provide transgender people with equal rights. The Benazir Kafalat program includes transgender women to save them from a life of shame and give them a chance to lead honorable lives. With the money from the Benazir Kafalat program, they can cover their basic needs.

Required Documents: Identity Card of Head of Transgender Organization, Proof of Pakistani Citizenship, Registered Phone Number
Registration Process: Submit required documents at nearest BISP Tehsil office, register through Dynamics Survey, get confirmation through Hotline 8171
Purpose of the program: to provide equal rights and financial support to transgender people


The main objective of the program is to provide a dignified life to the transgender people in the society. As part of this program, pension facilities will be made available to the elderly to help them avoid and manage the challenges associated with ageing. In addition, the program aims to coordinate the legislative system. They will receive support to achieve social rights to access greater housing, health, employment opportunities and education, or to live a better life throughout the country.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the main eligibility requirement for transgender people to apply for BISP?

The head of the transsexual organization or the head of the group must have an identity card; they must also be registered as transsexuals and have the NADRA computerized ID card.

What is another requirement to apply for a transsexual?

Pakistani citizenship is a requirement for application.

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