One of the main effects of the silent treatment is confusion. Partners who experience stonewalling appear to be very confused and do not know their next move. That's why we published the article. We will show you how to manage the stone wall in the most practical ways. Our methods have been seen to help several people and are likely to help you.

1. Find out why your partner is being this way

While it's pretty easy to take the blame when you're being stoned, walled off, or getting the silent treatment, you're not really to blame here.

It's not your fault that your partner doesn't want to talk when they're supposed to. It's completely your partner's fault.

You can help them by finding out what exactly makes them stand out about you or makes them more willing to talk about your feelings.

Often, it will be a problem that is rooted in your childhood.

They probably had a parent who was unnecessarily mean and loud to them.

This is one of the reasons I see quite often. If a child had parents who used to yell at the child with every mistake or small annoyance, overtime, the child may develop a defense mechanism against those outbursts. The child may disconnect mentally, and this will present itself as a stonewalling treatment.

Ask your partner if their parents used to yell at them a lot, or if they found they needed to lie about things or sneak around, especially when someone older was around.

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If the answer is yes, then you know why your partner might be having the silent treatment.

At this point all you have to do is take advantage of this knowledge and make some changes in your approach that will make your partner more open and willing to communicate with you.

If your partner is unwilling to talk about their childhood or is willing to bring up memories that can be very hurtful, then it may be wise to suggest that your partner go to therapy.

Although many partners may take this in a very bad way, your suggesting that your partner go to therapy is not a bad thing.

You should not push them into therapy. It should only be a suggestion that they can decide to accept or reject.

2. Change your approach to conflict resolution

Changing your approach to conflict resolution will go a long way in preserving your relationship.

In relationships, it's important to know that you don't do what you think all the time. Do what works.

You should only do it and keep doing it if your partner responds to a certain action.

If your partner doesn't respond to you yelling and screaming at you, you should change your approach and adopt a rather subtle and gentle approach.

Don't yell at them for any reason. Don't take on the role of being their father. Your partner is not your child. This is something that many men and many women do not understand.

The relationship you had with your parents is not a relationship you have with your partner; your partner is not your child.

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Don't treat them like a child. They are full-fledged adults who have the right to choose and have the right to assume the consequences and responsibilities of their choices.

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3. Talk to your partner about how their actions affect you

It's important that you find ways to talk about how your partner's actions affect you.

And it's going to be hard, especially now when there's fear of being given the silent treatment. Talking about your pain and resentment with your partner will help a lot.

Just talk to them somehow. It can be a long text in WhatsApp. It could be a long iMessage. It can be a letter or just a verbal way of talking, but make sure that the point is driven home so that your partner knows that you feel pain and that you feel a certain way when conflicts arise in the relationship.

4. Don't always be the fixer

This can be very difficult to do, especially with people like you who are very expressive and don't want the conflict to drag on for too long, but you don't have to be the fixer every time.

Sometimes, you just have to let the conflict take its course.

This is because there are some conflicts that just have to go their way. They don't have to be fixed overnight or immediately.

You have to allow your partner to go through their own emotions and experience all the stages of their grief or pain.

This is how you handle this stonewalling treatment. With the extra time, as you understand the depth of human conflicts and interactions, you see that you really don't have to force anything.

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Everything that should happen will happen at the time it should happen.

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5. Consider leaving

We are a relationship and love blog that prioritizes the health of our readers.

We know there's only one healthy thing to do when you've tried everything else and nothing seems to work. This is to consider leaving the relationship.

The chances of the relationship improving are pretty slim.

That's because stonewalling has changed you in ways you may not fully understand until you're out of the relationship.

You may not know the extent of the damage until you are out of that relationship and in a better state of mental health. Then you can really look at what you had experienced, what you had felt, and tell yourself the absolute truth that you were really damaged.

We know that leaving is never easy. But you may want to consider leaving the relationship.

Talk to someone about your decision. Send us an email. One of our relationship experts will be happy to get back to you.

6. Seek support

Couples therapy can be an effective way to get additional support if you are experiencing communication problems in your relationship. A trained therapist can teach you coping strategies and provide a space where you can express and process your feelings.

Couples therapy can offer valuable support if you are having problems in your relationship. A skilled therapist can teach you coping techniques and provide a safe space to express and explore your emotions.

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