The Pakistani government has made numerous efforts to provide the poor and worthy citizens of the nation with free medical care because chronic diseases including cancer, kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes affect a large number of deserving but poor people.

Free medical treatment

People who require expensive medical care cannot afford it, and as a result die because they do not receive treatment soon. The Punjab government has taken the wisest decision by treating these people with money from Punjab Baitul-Mal to give them free medical assistance. All hospitals in the province receive funding from the Punjab Baitul Mal to treat worthy members of the lower class. Punjab Baitul-Mal funds are used to provide care to deserving people. District committees give money to all DHQ and THQ hospitals in the province, which are then used to treat deserving patients free of charge.

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Requirements for free medical assistance

The requirements to receive free medical care are simple. One can be eligible for free medical treatment only if all the requirements are met. The Baitul-Mal district committee of the residential area determines that patients who want free care are eligible. A valid national identity card is required for those applying for free medical assistance and any city in Punjab must be connected to your permanent address.

  • The maximum amount that can be given to deserving patients for free treatment is Rs 50,000. If the cost of the therapy is significant, the amount may increase.
  • Only once a patient admitted to a government hospital or an approved private hospital can get this assistance of Rs 50,000. The Punjab Bait-ul Maal will not offer this help once again.
  • Welfare organizations serve patients at each tehsil or district headquarters hospital. Apart from this, there are no other sources of funding.
  • Only citizens of the nation are eligible for this aid. Free medical care is not available to residents of other countries.
  • Persons with disabilities, widows, orphans or those whose monthly income is less than 50,000 may be eligible for free medical assistance.
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How to apply for free medical care?

Applying for free medical care is quite easy when it comes to Punjab Baitul Mal. Patients should contact their local Baitul Mal committee if they want to receive free medical care from the Pakistani government. Then you need to get accepted registration form of Punjab Baitul Mal. Complete the form by entering all your personal information, including the patient's name, ID number, place of residence, head of family's ID number, illness report, address of the hospital receiving treatment, etc. . After that, in order to receive your free medical care, this documentation must be sent to the hospital's health welfare committee. The Health Welfare Committee headed by the Medical Superintendent will attend to your request. If you qualify, you will receive free medical care.


The Government of Pakistan initiates all aid programs with many admirable objectives. Punjab Baitul Mal free medical care program aims to grant people equal rights in the society. It seeks to give disadvantaged members of society access to the comforts enjoyed by the wealthy. Its main goal is to establish a happy community. Many valuable lives are wasted due to delay in treatment, and one of their main goals is to provide free medical care. One of the main goals of this initiative is to give the poor and deserving people easy access to medical care.

Requirements for free medical assistance
– Punjab Baitul-Mal funds used for free medical assistance.
– Funding provided to DHQ and THQ hospitals.
– Determined by the regional commission of Baitul-Mal.
– A valid ID is required.
– Maximum aid: 50,000 rupees (can be increased for significant expenses).
– Single aid for admission to an authorized public or private hospital.
– Eligibility only for citizens.
– Eligibility criteria: disabled, widowers, orphans or incomes below 50,000/month.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the main purpose of free medical treatment?

One of the main goals of this initiative is to give the poor and deserving people easy access to medical care.

How much help is given for free medical treatment?

A patient admitted in a government hospital or an approved private hospital can get this assistance of Rs 50,000 only once. The Punjab Bait-ul Maal will not offer this assistance again.

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