Many men fall into the friend zone when they should never have it in the first place. This is why many of these men are confused, especially when they look at men who are obviously worse looking than them and get the best chicks. They wonder what went wrong or what went right, and it's a spiral of questions that we try to answer throughout this article. Here's how to avoid the friend zone.

1. Prioritize your appearance

In our previous article on the caliber of men in a woman's life, we talked about the importance of looks. I think it is important to emphasize this again in this article.

You should dispel the idea that women don't pay attention to looks, because they do, and if a man is able to prioritize his looks, he can usually get a lot of women.

Prioritizing your appearance doesn't necessarily mean breaking out of a boutique or simply putting on the fanciest clothes.

Start with the little things, especially your face, because women look at your facial features.

Start by trimming your beard. Make sure your beard doesn't look unsightly. You can't get many women to look like that.

Make sure your mustache is trimmed too.

Also make sure you have a really bright smile all the time. It should be a bright, masculine smile.

While women can afford to smile with their full set of teeth, men should have a rather reserved smile that conveys this message of masculinity and boldness.

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After doing all this, it's time to pay attention to your fashion and your smell.

Choose the clothes that fit you best that make you very comfortable. A man has to be comfortable in his clothes; if you are not comfortable in your clothes, you will not be confident enough, and this will show in the way you interact with everyone, including the women you meet on a daily basis.

Also wear a very nice perfume. Maybe we like it when men smell masculine.

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2. The first interaction should hit

Your first interaction with the woman should be her hitting on you. It should be one she won't forget in a hurry.

This means there is no anxiety, no shyness. You should embrace your masculinity. Go out and woo her like the man you are.

One of the most important things I've learned about interacting as a man is the role of the eyes.

One day I learned by watching my dogs.

I noticed that they were calmer, loved me more, and were more open to doing what I asked if I looked them in the eye.

Often they will try to make eye contact with me, but along the way they just decide that wasn't a great idea. They would immediately avert their eyes.

This explained to me the role of eye contact in enforcing submission.

The first and foremost test that a woman will give to a man is the test of submission.

She will want to see if this man is really a man or if the man will submit to her.

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She will look into his eyes.

A shy man who will end up in the friend zone will mostly take his eyes off you.

But a confident man will hold his gaze on the woman until the woman backs off first.

Be that guy. Be the confident guy who gives her the first experience that takes her off guard so she knows right away that you already have her in your hands.

3. Flex your funny muscles during the first conversation

Of course, you should flex your funny muscles during the first conversation.

Women are most likely led by men who are arrogant and funny. Arrogance is like strong acid. And curious is a base that buffers the action of the acid.

If you are only arrogant, like an acid, you will burn the woman's desire; she will see you as a proud guy who has nothing to offer her.

If you're cocky and funny, you'll definitely get her. You will not be in the friend zone.

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4. Connect

One of the many questions I get asked almost every day is: When do I start flirting with women?

Do you really want to know the answer? Start when you want.

If you have to wait until the woman is comfortable before you start flirting with her, then I have some bad news for you. She's never going to get comfortable.

At some point, as you continue to push your flirting forward, never really doing it, she's going to get disgusted, and then she's going to friend zone you.

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Remember, you call the shots.

Women may be the ones in control of sex, but trust me, as men, we have the power to control where the relationship leads.

Flirt with her.

You can even flirt with her every minute you meet her. You just have to be sensitive to how she responds to it.

If she responds poorly to your flirting, then you don't have to push it any further. You just have to let it go.

But if she's open to your flirting, keep flirting.

Men have to learn to do things that women respond to.

5. Don't be an emotional dump: Be the problem sometimes

Women love to take the problems the bad guys give them and pile this problem on top of the good guys.

Don't be the type to dump your problems on.

In fact, you might be the type who gives a lot of trouble. This works because you activate their emotional side and their emotional side is very close to our sexual side.

If you can provoke her emotions, she will not be friends with you. She's going to be emotionally attracted to you, and eventually she's going to be sexually attracted enough to have sex with you.

Don't be the guy in the friend zone.

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