Many women struggle to achieve orgasms. I think it's a struggle you find yourself in as well. We have published this article to help you. We start by showing you five reasons why you don't have female orgasms, and then we show you how you can overcome them.

1. Negative past experiences

Many traumas appear in our sex lives. Sometimes even things unrelated to sex can sexually traumatize a person, like a bad breakup. Or being told that your body doesn't look good. Or being told that sex shouldn't be that good.

Morality can also sexually traumatize a person. So that when the moralistic individual starts having sex, he feels guilty for wanting to enjoy it.

Think about all of your negative experiences or thoughts and beliefs that may be contributing to your inability to achieve female orgasms.

Write these down in a book.

2. Poor and ineffective stimulation

You have to stimulate yourself well!

Sexual stimulation is one thing and should be paid close attention to.

If you're not being stimulated well, you're sure to have some trouble reaching orgasm.

Our sexual organs are both physical and psycho-hormonal. This means that it is not enough to want sex. It is not enough to be present to achieve an orgasm. Your genitals must also be touched.

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Four times out of ten, when a woman cannot reach orgasm, it is due to suboptimal stimulation.

3. Pain/medical conditions

yes Certain medical conditions can greatly affect a woman's sex life. Most women who cannot reach orgasms suffer from a condition that makes sex considerably painful.

But sex shouldn't be painful.

In the absence of a medical condition, pain during intercourse may come from a penis that is too large or a problem with your vagina's ability to lubricate itself.

Do you feel too full when you have sex? How did you get ripped from the inside out? Then it is likely that your partner has a penis that is too big for you.

As for the lack of lubrication, you can always get a lube.

Read this article to find out the best oils that can be used as lubricants.

4. No sexual desire

Sexual desire burns in most relationships. But, unfortunately, he is quick to absolve. And when most sexual desire is gone, most couples will struggle to satisfy each other.

Signs that sex drive is gone include:

Sex starts to feel like a chore: This is such a big sign that there is no longer any sexual desire in your relationship. When sex becomes a chore, you will no longer see the need to try. You will even feel that an orgasm is an impossibility.

Sex loses its flavor: Many couples will describe this by saying, “Something has changed. I don't know what it is, but something has definitely changed in our sex lives.

5. Unresolved relationship issues

Your unresolved relationship issues can prevent you from enjoying sex to the point where you hit an orgasm.

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Unresolved relationship issues will breed resentment. Resentment is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship.

Resentment means that nothing will be enjoyed. It will not only affect sex. It's sure to affect everything else. You may even want to avoid sex altogether.

What to do to get them

1. Carry out medical checks

One of the best ways to avoid a complete lack of orgasm in your relationship is to have medical check-ups.

This is especially true if you feel pain when you go down with your partner. Talk to your gynecologist and they will find ways to help you manage what is causing your pain.

It helps to be honest with your doctor. Open up to them about everything. And when they give you a solution, be it medication or therapy, take what they say very seriously. Sooner or later, you will find that orgasms are easier to achieve and last even longer.

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2. The excitement first

If you are in the habit of rushing into sex, you need to let it go. Sex is not something a person should rush. Sex is for enjoyment. And you have to enjoy it well.

So take your time and play the excitement game. Your partner should be of great help to you.

Excitement often begins in the mind. So, say or look at things that can get you in the mood for sex.

You can play a sex game. There are countless out there. These games can ease your sexual anxiety and help you stay aroused for longer.

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The rule of thumb is: you're not excited enough if there's still room to worry.

3. Be in the moment

You have to learn to be in the moment to truly enjoy all that life has to offer. This even includes sex.

Stop throwing your mind to this and that. Approach the room. Get in the moment and enjoy.

Look into your partner's eyes. Talk to them. Don't imagine the sexiest thing you can do. do it

Most people's sex lives only exist in their heads. Yours shouldn't.

4. Try sex therapy

Sex therapy can help you let go of whatever is holding you back from reaching orgasms. While doctors and physicians help you remove physical barriers, sex therapists will help remove mental barriers.

Find a sex therapist you can truly trust. Get their services. It will be a renewing experience.

5. Break any porn addiction

Porn addiction can mess with your ability to reach an orgasm.

You need to let him go if you have problems sexually that are now affecting the overall state of your relationship.

Talk to your partner if things are getting more difficult than you can handle.

It's better to get orgasms.

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