The most valuable men are men who know how to be bad and good at the same time. These men will have almost every woman going after them. And if they come after your wife, then I'm sorry, I have bad news for you. They will get it. This is because men who know how to be bad and good at the same time have the ability to trigger a very primitive instinct in a woman. In reality, they trigger two primitive instincts. The first is the instinct to have sex. And the second is the instinct to submit. In this article, we show you how to be a good guy and a bad guy at the same time.

1. He loves women

In red pill communities, there is an unspoken idea that one has to dislike or be a jerk around women if one ever wants to be with a lot of women.

This is not true.

True masters of the game of love, don't hate the game. In fact, they love the game and they love the players too.

This is because deep down they know that winning will be about taking advantage of the game and also taking advantage of the player's weaknesses.

You don't have to hate women. You just have to understand their nature, and understanding their nature will lead you to love them.

2. Embrace your sexual nature

The main difference between the bad guys and the good guys is the fact that the bad guys have come to truly accept their sexual nature.

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If you ever feel the urge to suppress your need for sex in order for a woman to like or accept you, then you're a good guy. Scratch that; you are a good boy

Nice guys aren't always good guys. You should not confuse the two.

Embracing your sexual nature will encourage the woman to embrace her sexual nature as well.

Sex is a normal human response to desire, and desire is often a mirror.

If you can want something enough and show him how much you want it, then chances are he will want it too.

Embrace your sexual desire. Show the woman how much you love her sexually. If he loves you enough, he might even see this as a compliment.

3. Be protective

All the good ones are protectors.

We all seek security. None of us intend to be harmed.

This is especially true for women.

Women want to feel protected. They want to feel that they are not in immediate physical or emotional danger. A man who is able to make a woman feel protected is going to be the best man a woman knows.

As much as the bad guy seeks sexual intimacy, the good guy also seeks to place a woman in a position of comfort and stability.

Protect her, protect her from everything.

Protect her from you. Do this by making sure you don't have any emotional outbursts around them.

Protect her from herself. There is the idea that women are not very secure, even around themselves, because women are largely emotional and make decisions based on emotional response.

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Stop him from making those emotional choices. Be there for her as a stable ground, as someone who explores life with more logic, looking for answers and giving results.

Protect her from other men. Men who may want to hit her or who want to abuse her in any way, be it physically or mentally or even emotionally.

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4. Don't stop flirting

It usually goes like this: a man meets a woman he likes. Talk to her and get her very interested in him. It is a smooth relationship in the first few weeks or months. Then, suddenly, the desire is gone.

Why do you think this often happens?

Well, because the man stopped flirting with his wife.

He became too good for her. And I mean too good in a bad way. Women are always in a constant desire for unpleasantness. They want a man who isn't afraid to flirt with them even after he's got them.

So be the man who doesn't back down. Be the man who continues to do the things he did even before the woman became his lover.

What you should never fail to do is to provoke negative emotions in her from time to time.

This is not to say that you should make a point of nagging your wife.

You should only tap into emotions like jealousy.

A woman wants to feel jealous. In fact, jealousy should be a man's greatest compliment to a woman. When a woman is jealous that there are other women around you, it indirectly says that you are good enough for other women to desire.

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She will feel the need to protect you from them, and as a result, your relationship will deepen even more. She will have such a strong sexual desire towards you.

Make sure you take her on dates too. Never stop taking your wife on dates.

She wants to date you. That is the truth. She loves it. He loves the idea of ​​being around you, so give him that chance.

5. Never show despair

Although you may have to show jealousy from time to time, you never have to show despair.

Despair is deep insecurity.

Bad guys never feel safe. And even if they do, they never show it.

So, even if you are the good guy who protects your woman from other men, be the bad guy who never shows desperation.

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6. Fuck her well

Women love men who know how to fuck.

You should not be afraid to fuck your wife at any time.

Fuck her well And fuck her like you really want to.

Be the good and the bad at the same time.

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