Every girl knows at least one guy who has trouble getting and staying hard. And the sad part of this is that she talks about it to her friends from time to time. Trust me, you don't want to be this guy. We are here to make sure that your erection problems are a thing of the past. Here are 10 tips to get and stay hard.

1. Eliminate porn addiction

Sometimes it may seem like the opposite, but porn is practically an enemy to your erection.

Porn provides a very disturbing type of gratification that damages you.

Train your mind to believe that the event has to happen now, so as soon as you get excited, your brain starts a countdown.

If you get hard watching porn, you'll have to get hard watching porn too.

Imagine watching porn with a woman lying next to you.

Imagine the strangeness.

Try not to watch as much porn as you can.

2. Don't masturbate too often

Masturbation reflects sex. Sometimes it even reflects sex a little too much, so your body starts to imagine that your hands are a woman's vagina.

I know guys who have a hard time keeping an erection when they have penetrative sex because they are so used to using their hands. They don't even know what a woman's vagina should feel like.

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If you find that you masturbate a lot, then it may be time to let it all go and find the true essence of what sex should be.

3. Treat performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is another main reason why men may have difficulty getting or even maintaining an erection.

When you're too focused on whether you're going to do well or not, chances are you won't do well.

To enjoy sex and for your partner to enjoy it, you have to focus on sex.

Detach your mind from that constant nagging in your head: the one that tells you this is going to be laughed at when it's all over.

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4. Desire your spouse

The theme of desire is one that cannot be overlooked. In order for you to truly enjoy having sex with your wife, you have to desire her.

She has to turn you on mentally before any form of arousal takes place physically.

What I'm saying is: have sex with the women you want. If you don't want her that much, it's best to let her go and not have sex with her yet.

5. Penis pumps do a lot of good

While I don't advise you to rely heavily on penis pumps, I can't deny the fact that they really do work to help you get and maintain an erection.

They work by increasing blood flow to the penile tissues, which are themselves erectile and increase in length when blood is forced into them.

Penis pumps can help maintain an erection, but they don't work like magic. They only work up to a point. While some men admit that they do a lot of good, others have expressed some forms of disappointment.

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6. Use penis rings

Penis rings, or penis rings, are often used in conjunction with a penis pump.

Penis rings are worn at the base of the penis and work to help keep it erect.

However, you should be very careful not to use them for a long time. Wear them too long and you risk injuring the tissues of the penis.

When you've used your penis pump, slip on your cock ring and try as hard as you can to invest your mind and emotions in sex.

7. Have good foreplay

I never had bad sex when the foreplay was good.

10 out of 12 guys who took a short survey after planning this article agreed that a good foreplay made them feel less anxious and helped them stay hard and erect for much longer than usual.

Spend some time getting to know and playing with each other's bodies even before the actual penetrative sex.

Many guys tend to think that foreplay is something left for women to enjoy. They are all wrong. Guys can, and should, enjoy foreplay every time.

8. Being in charge

The next time you have sex with your wife, you should be in charge.

Being in charge doesn't mean being mean and reckless with her. It means being calm and taking control of the progression of sex, leading to abundant orgasms.

When a woman feels that you want to take her to that place where she has the most abrupt orgasms, she will submit to you.

And guess what? This will subconsciously take away your anxiety.

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Your mind will say, “Damn, I'm doing good.”

Your penis, in turn, will get the memo, so things will continue to be very difficult for quite some time.

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9. Have him stroke your power points

I know power point is a strange name to call it, but we all have those points on our body that bring us very close to orgasms.

When the two of you are having sex, to keep your erection longer, stay hard and in the mood, have him caress you in these areas.

It could be your nipple, the nape of your neck, or even your earlobe. Everyone has those points. Make it play with them, and you can keep your erection for a long time.

10. Change position

Changing position can have an impact on what you stay and how long you stay.

Try positions that offer a firm grip on your penis. They will definitely make you stay harder.


Staying hard is something a lot of guys struggle with. But not you anymore. Do this, and you'd be hard for a long time.

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