Sometimes breaks are so important in bed. They can last from just a couple of seconds to a few minutes. But they have to keep the mood in place and ensure that the sex lasts longer. In this article, we show you when to take a bed rest.

1. When you have to catch your breath

Sex is sometimes a lot of work. You tire as your heart races and your muscles work to burn energy. This can make you breathe faster. A break is often needed when you notice that your breathing is becoming too heavy and fast.

How long should this break last?

Usually, when you take a bed rest to catch your breath, it can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to twenty minutes.

It all depends on how quickly you can feel better. You know you sure feel better when breathing isn't so difficult and you don't feel tight in your chest.

What should you do during this break?

Anything you want. Some men can stay there. But I will suggest that you talk to your partner or laugh about something.

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Taking a breather can be very sensual if you know what to do. Hold your partner's hand and make them laugh about something. You can even talk about sex.

Talking about sex while having sex is a beautiful flex.

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How should you go back to sex?

No, you don't just go back to sex like nothing. You took a break. Both of you will have to make it easier so that things don't get awkward and your partner doesn't lose interest.

Make love again by starting the foreplay all over again. Kiss your partner, touch them in the places they like to be touched, and of course, get back to work.

2. When you're too sweaty

It is important to take a bed rest when you are very sweaty because:

  • Sweating a lot can irritate you: sure, it might make you feel like you're slimy or something. And this feeling of irritability can make sex feel uncomfortable.
  • You may feel warmer: In very humid conditions, sweating profusely can make you feel even hotter when it should, in fact, do the opposite.
  • It can also irritate your partner: Your partner is likely to feel irritated if your sweat drops on their skin or if they have to rub your sweaty body. You know your partner is starting to notice how sweaty you are if they avoid touching you or only touch you when they should.

What should you do during this break?

During this break, the first thing you should do is take a towel and wipe the sweat from your body.

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Or better yet, just go into the bathroom and take a quick shower. Showering will make you feel a lot better since you won't have to deal with oily skin.

If you're having enough fun, you can drag your partner with you to the bathroom. And there, shower sex is likely to happen.

Sex needs a lot of innovations. You have to be creative, and this is especially so when you take a break.

How to make sex easier

If you choose to rub yourself with a towel, then the best thing to do is to lie down next to your partner. This will create some connection. He just lays down next to her and probably laughs about the sex or something.

Then, after a while, when both bodies are dry again, you can have some foreplay, which leads to another round of sex.

If you decide to take a shower, there may be no need to facilitate sex, as shower sex is going to happen.

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3. When you're about to run when you shouldn't

This is an especially helpful tip for men who have issues with premature ejaculation or men who just need a couple of extra minutes to get the job done.

You can change position (changing position helps you not run) or you can take a break.

Take a break for about five minutes and then have sex again.

What should you do during the break?

Well, easy. Make your wife feel pleasure. You shouldn't take the pleasure out of it just because you don't want to run anymore.

When taking this type of break, your mouth should be between her thighs. yes You should give it a heads up.

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Women love it when their man falls randomly between sexes. They see that it is beautiful. But you and I and all the editors know it's you trying to avoid running.

If you don't want to bother, you might want to do something else: get the toys.

How should you go back to sex?

You should get back to sex in a creative way. When you're sure you've bought more time and maybe you didn't cum so quickly, you can go back to having penetrative sex with your partner.

However, you should not give him a clue as to what is going on. If he has a clue, he might be a lot less charming to her.

4. When you feel a pain in your muscles

The next time you feel a sore muscle, it's time to take a break. Otherwise, that pain is going to wear you down sooner or later.

What to do during the break

Please your partner. Don't let them know you're taking time off due to injury. Just kiss them. And maybe even give them a head. This works very well.

How to make sex easier

Be creative. Enter well, however you like.


A bed rest is not a bad idea. It also doesn't mean you're weak or anything. It means that you enjoy the pleasant moment that is great sex and that you are in for beautiful memories in bed.

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