Many guys only have sex with a pretty woman once. This is because they screw things up before the woman has a chance to come back. Some of these messes are sexual, physical or emotional. But the truth is that the woman is not coming back. In this article I'll show you how to make sure every woman you have sex with keeps coming back for more.

1. Leave her

Yes, you should leave her. The truth is that the dynamic of the relationship reverses 180° after sex.

Before sex, the man usually has a softer masculine role.

In other words, his masculinity is not so pronounced because he is at the stage where he has to worry.

A stage where you have to bring the woman closer to you by being kind and pleasant.

After sex, the man is expected to assume a 100% male role.

Being the one who constantly extends, the man has to pull back so that the woman is the one to reach him.

Many women are very antagonistic to this flip, and try to make it seem like the man blackmailed them or that the man used them for their bodies.

But this is not the case at all.

This does not mean that you used a woman. It just means you've stepped into a masculine role, and she's stepped into a very feminine role, where she becomes the one looking for you.

A few minutes or hours after sex, or after she's just left your place, text her and tell her to let you know when she gets home.

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If you both want to, you can talk about sex for a while, after which you just have to walk away.

She has to become the one who reaches from that point. She has to be the one to initiate at least 80% of the conversations, and she has to be the one to try to push the relationship further.

This will make him want you and keep him coming back.

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2. Don't stop flirting

If you want a woman to come back to you after sex, you don't have to stop flirting with her.

Women respond to emotions. As long as a woman feels something, you will expect a response from her.

If you no longer see a response from her, it's because there's no emotion she's responding to. Or just dislodged from any kind of emotional responses.

Make her respond emotionally by constantly flirting with her.

Most of the flirting is going to happen online, but if you can, and when you have the chance, take the flirting into real life.

To flirt with her online, all you have to do is improve your texting. He writes his erotic poetry. Get wet whenever you want. Get better at talking to her late at night and don't stop talking about sex with her.

3. Love bombards her

Sexual relationships, especially those that don't involve love, tend to be quite manipulative because both of you would probably be involved in a game.

Don't hate the game. Like I've always said, no one should hate the game. Everyone should at least learn how to play. It is by playing the game that you get better and love the game.

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You can also find all the reactions you are looking for.

Love bombards her from time to time, especially during periods when you want sex to happen again.

For example, if you've been talking to her for an hour every day, if you're looking to have sex with her in the next few days or weeks, you can start sending her lots of text messages and giving her lots of love and affection days before you want sex. to happen

You might feel like this is going to push her away, but it really isn't. It will make her even more interested because now she feels that the guy who has been so distant has become very close.

4. Invite her

Invite her to your home. After the first sex, most of the dates that should follow should not be outdoor dates.

He no longer wants to go on outdoor dates with you because he has come to trust you enough to have sex with you.

Ask to be on the date with her, but this time the date should be at her house or yours.

Make sure it is not forgotten in a hurry. Make sure the lighting is perfect and the mood is right and the atmosphere itself is growing with so much sexual tension.

I walked into the rooms and immediately knew that sex was going to happen. This is because the rooms used to be very serene, quiet and simply electrifying.

This is how you wanted to arrange your date with her. Immediately, she enters; she should be able to tell that the two of you are going to have sex.

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5. Have passionate sex

The truth is that if you are going to get a woman back for sex, you will not only need to improve your emotional and psychological control over her.

You should also improve your sexual control over her. This means that you have to pay a lot of attention to the sex when you have sex with her.

You don't have to be the selfish type who seeks your own pleasure all the time. At that moment when you have sex, look for your own pleasure as well.

Be obnoxious enough to explore their kinks.

Women always go back to guys who can explore their issues. This is because women are quite reserved and somewhat embarrassed about their deepest desires in bed.

Be that guy who frees them from that shame, the one who explores their bodies. The guy who does sex all sex should be, and a woman will always come back for sure.

You can make every woman you sleep with come back for more.

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