When a man is losing interest, he leaves a trail of signs that you just have to watch out for. Here are a couple of signs that he is losing interest and may never really be the man you once were.

1. Call less

It starts with the little things, at least with men. When a man loses interest, you will notice a disconnect in the method and frequency with which he tries to reach you.

It will come to you less and less throughout your day. He would say little or nothing during this time and then go blank for a while.

You may begin to feel that you are bothering him or distracting him. By the time I get to this point, I can assure you that quite a bit of interest is gone.

2. Type slower

When men start texting more slowly, it may mean they are busy. But more often than not, it means they are turning away from you and talking to someone else.

When a man wants to talk to you, there is some kind of eagerness that you will detect in every message he sends you.

When this eagerness is not there, it means that you are losing interest.

You will agree that in addition to slower texting, your texts will be shorter.

He will respond with a paragraph when you send ten and he will respond with a sentence when you send one paragraph.

These are all signs that should let you know that he is losing interest in you.

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3. Sex becomes a chore

When a man becomes less interested in you, he will start to see having sex with you as a chore. This is especially true if he has been the type of man who is all over you. And then, suddenly, there's less sex.

Less sex means no attraction, and no attraction means no interest.

Things won't get better until you do, to be honest. I will be publishing an article soon that will show you what to do when your man starts to lose interest.

In this article, you will learn how sex can be used to arouse interest and make your man love you again.

4. Less body contact

You will also notice that along with a decline in how often your man seeks to have sex with you, there will also be a decline in how often he touches you.

It may go unnoticed at first. But you will come to see what is playing.

It starts when you start asking yourself questions like, “Why doesn't he hug me as much?”

His enthusiasm for you is fading.

Hugs can also become shorter. He hugs you, but not for long.

Then you'll notice that he doesn't even seek to have his body close to yours anymore, not even in bed. There will be no hugs. His excuse? It's too hot.

You may be right. But if you see a few or more signs here with him that he is too hot, then you might be dealing with a man who has lost interest in you.

5. He becomes hard to please

A man who likes you is one of the easiest people to please. I please without even trying. I've heard men say that women they love and care about can do no wrong in their eyes.

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You may have noticed it too.

Remember the first moments of your relationship. When I was satisfied with you without you ever trying. You could greet him in the morning, and there's such a big smile on his face.

Is it the same now? If not, then there is a strong possibility that he is losing or has already lost interest in you.

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6. Never say I love you first

This is one of the things women notice first. One of the most popular questions in my email box right now is, “Why doesn't my boyfriend tell me he loves me first?”

The answer is quite simple. He doesn't tell you that he loves you first because it starts to seem like a lie.

Our mind interprets interest as love.

Then. His mind tells him that he doesn't love you that much anymore. This pushes the words “I love you” further down your throat so it's hard to say first.

7. Leave the bed weird

If you live with your man, you must know his morning routine. For example, my wife's morning routine is to stretch, turn to see if I'm awake, and offer to hug me.

If I ever notice a change in this routine, I'll know without a doubt that something is wrong.

This is because what happens so early in the morning is usually not well thought out. It is usually a subconscious action.

Something that was on his mind all night. And guess what? Those subconscious urges never really lie. They tell you what is going on in a person's mind.

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He's pulling away from you.

8. Start removing yourself from their public space

He no longer goes on dates with you or takes you where his friends will be. This is not a coincidence.

It suggests, and directly so, that there is something wrong with his interest in you.

It's getting cold.

Test this by asking to go on a date with him.

What is your answer? If he says no up to three times consistently or sees it as some kind of burden, then you have your answer. He doesn't want to be seen with you, and that's okay.

9. It has little effect on your mood

Another big sign that he is losing interest in you is that you are starting to have little effect on his mood. You lose the ability to make him feel happy when he is sad.

He no longer tells you about his down times. He wants you to leave him alone even if you show yourself to be a reliable help.

10. He behaves like a stranger

He may avoid eye contact, limit conversation to superficial topics, and show disinterest in things you take seriously.

You will also notice that he keeps his physical distance on the couch or bed and never shares personal thoughts. Whenever you try to close the distance, he will often find an excuse to walk away. Actions like this suggest that you are losing interest.


He is being like this because he has lost interest. Don't overthink it. Learn what needs to be done or let it go.

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