Interest wanes from time to time in most relationships, even healthy ones. This is because interest is fickle. It comes and goes and it really depends on the conditions at the time. I will explain this later in this article as I continue to show you what to do when you start to lose interest in the relationship.

1. Is it in your head?

This is usually one of the most effective first questions to ask yourself when you think he is losing interest. And you have to be very honest with your answer.

Is it in your head?

The answer is yes if:

He gave her no real reason to doubt his interest:

That is, he gave you no reason to doubt his interest in you and the relationship. You just have a weird fear. This is common in women who may have attachment issues. Solve these attachment problems somehow and watch all your fears disappear.

Your feeling is a trauma response:

There are times when your feeling is a result of trauma or fear. Especially if you were in a relationship that didn't last long enough because he lost interest in you. You are more likely to carry this baggage into your new relationship.

Don't lose interest. It's in your head.

In later articles, we'll show you how to let go of the baggage of past relationships when you enter a new one.

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2. What are you losing interest in?

This is another great question.

You see, there are two phases to losing interest. In the first phase, the man loses interest in his wife. It no longer appeals to him. He doesn't even strike her as a person who has great sex appeal. She's just there, sort of like a friend now.

After that, you start losing interest in the relationship.

Men don't usually lose interest in a relationship suddenly. First they lose interest in the woman and the relationship pays for it.

Is your man losing interest in you, or has he already started to lose interest in the relationship? Your answer will go a long way when you try to fix things.

If he's losing interest in you, it becomes an easier problem to fix. All you have to do is make changes in your behavior, and that's it.

3. Resolve any issues that create resentment

Resentment eats away at interest much faster than anything else most relationships will face. This is because resentment is quite silent. No one knows it's really there, but it's there, and it turns the relationship sour from the inside out.

If you hold a grudge against your partner, or if they hold a grudge against you, it may be the reason why the relationship is not going the way it should.

Solve these problems. You may have to hurt your pride and apologize. Sometimes this is all it takes to fix a man who is losing interest.

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4. Be more feminine

Interest is a fickle thing that is primarily based on gender polarity. Men are interested in women and women are interested in men because these two exist on either side of the sexuality spectrum.

If you have become more masculine than you should, it will surely affect your relationship. It will make him start to lose interest in you from a subconscious level.

So get your game back. Try everything you can to be feminine again. You should speak with grace and walk with poise, wear clothes that make him look at you and swoon again in lust.

This is how it was done decades and centuries ago. Don't think for a second that losing interest is something peculiar only to us. It's been a while.

5. Go no contact

Love is not interest. This is something that many of us have to understand. While love grows where there is so much comfort, attraction grows where there is space. This is why we often get “tired” of someone when we see them too often.

We may love said person very much, but still can't help but feel very uncomfortable around them.

Think of your siblings, for example, the younger ones who seem to bother you a lot. They like it, yes. But there are times when you'd rather not be around them.

It works the same way with attraction and interest.

Your man may be losing interest in you because he sees or hears too much of you, and this is suffocating his attraction to you.

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The best thing you can do to fix this problem is to go no contact. Do not contact your husband for some time. Let him feel your absence.

In that absence, I can assure you that a lot of attraction will build up again. One of the no-contact rules is this: Don't contact your man unless he contacts you first.

It takes about 5 days on average to work. So even though you might miss your man a lot, don't give in too soon.

6. Jealousy to the rescue

Jealousy can also be such a great tool to attract and interest your man again. When someone is jealous of you, they tend to unconsciously exaggerate your worth.

You unconsciously become one of the most valuable things and valuable people they meet and pass by.

You immediately start to look more attractive to them.


Men lose attraction and interest in their women for many reasons. If your man has lost interest in you, it might be time to step up your game to win him back.

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