Foreplay is one of the best parts of sex. Most men and women agree that it greatly improves sex and can have an effect on how long sex lasts. In this article, I'm going to show you how to have good foreplay and enjoy every minute of your sex life.

1. There are no rules

This is one of the first things anyone who wants to have good sex all the time should understand. You make your own decisions in your own room. No one can say: never do this, or never do that. There are no such strong rules that enter the bedroom.

The next time you give your partner some foreplay, do it your way.

2. Less pain is always better

Although pain and pleasure can sometimes exist in the same place, one must be careful not to overlook the extent to which pain can drown out pleasure.

Foreplay is supposed to be an intimate time, and as such, pain should be absent.

Try as much as you can to avoid areas of your partner's body that might trigger a pain response. For example, when a man feels teeth on his penis during a blowjob, he usually concludes that it's bad foreplay.

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3. Don't be afraid to mess up

This is especially true when giving foreplay to a guy. Women tend to be overly careful and don't want to mess up. But the boys don't care. A guy is okay with you being messy as long as it brings him pleasure.

In fact, with a lot of guys, the messier the better.

Jimmy told us: “I like it when the blowjobs are really messy. I mean, when I'm getting a blowjob, I want to see a lot of spit.”

Spit is a natural lubricant. Many men think so, and you should too.

4. Be in the moment

Your mind should not be somewhere else when you give a blowjob or head. The people who have the best foreplay are people who have taught their minds to be in the moment and enjoy what is happening.

A blowjob is a very sensual thing. Foreplay in general. It doesn't just excite your body. It also excites your mind. Allow your mind to race. Being in that mood, that space, that cloud.

Nothing beats that cloud 9 feeling.

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5. Kisses are awesome

What's foreplay without kissing? If you're ever going to have good foreplay, you need to learn how to have good kisses.

A good kiss isn't necessarily one that lasts a long time or that gets you in the mood. It's what makes you want to continue. To continue A good kiss is a kiss that has an emotional connection.

You have to attract someone so that you can feel your own emotions as if those emotions were in the palm of your hands.

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6. Toys can be fun

Foreplay is usually best with toys. This is especially true if you're dating a woman who is quite quirky. And even if you're not, you can make it pretty weird.

Get some toys. A dildo is an easier option for beginners, and for people who are halfway to being a beginner, a butt plug may turn out to be the best thing you can get your hands on.

Toys can and should be fun. Since sex is mostly about learning, learn how to make your partner feel things while using toys on them. It never goes wrong.

7. The “69” position.

A lot of people like to see the 69 position as a sexual position, but I don't. I see it as a secondary form of foreplay. And it's such a great way. At position 69, you are discovering a lot because you are both doing the same thing.

Position 69 is easy to figure out, even if you haven't tried it before.

The man lies on his back, and the woman lies on her stomach on top of him. More like in table position. She lies in a way that makes her dick hang in her face. This way, she is able to give head while also getting head.

8. Explore fetishes and don't be ashamed

The truth is that many fetishes should be explored during foreplay and not during sex itself.

Foreplay gives you the opportunity to explore your man's fetishes. Many men like to be milked and milked.

Ask your man if he likes any of these things. If his answer is yes, then you have the green light and you should explore all of his fetishes with him.

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This has helped many couples I know.

9. Play a pregame

Sex is a game sometimes, a very beautiful game that most men and women love to play. Make foreplay with your partner a game.

It should be a game that dares the other partner.

One of the most popular is the trivia game, where you ask your partner a question and, if they don't know the answer, they have to complete a task.

You can say, “If you don't answer this question, then you have to suck my paw for a few minutes.”

Another game I really like is the “don't moan game”.

In this game, you blow your partner or head for a long time, daring them not to moan.

This is usually very intense; most people who have played it agree.

10. Be creative

This is where you are yourself. Do it yourself, and let your partner do it. Be in the moment and love every minute of this moment.


There are no rules. As long as the two are sexually open to each other, they can do the wildest things to each other.

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