In this article, we show you all the creative ways and creative positions to throw your ass back, putting that beautiful body of yours on it. It's going to be fun to read, and even more fun to try.

1. Bend your waist outwards and inwards

The best way to push your butt back is to flex your waist outward and inward.

This is the only way to make it feel real to you, especially if you haven't done anything like this before.

Just pull her waist towards you and then push her towards him.

I'm sure you'll love it.

Men love women who are great at kicking their ass. It doesn't matter if you're learning how to do it or if you're great at it. As long as the booty is thrown away, men will love it.

“He gives me sex, especially in the doggy position. He makes things so amazing.”

– Well

“I think there's a huge relief in my own waist when he throws his booty back. Suddenly, I'm not in a rush anymore. Suddenly, it becomes a joint effort to please each other.”


2. Twerk on your dick

If you have great twerking, this is the time to practice those skills.

As he bangs you from behind, twerk your booty against his pelvis.

Make sure your bottom bounces off his body. Make sure you make him feel things.

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Twerking on your dick is best done when you have music playing in the background. It will surely drive him crazy.

He will most likely spank you more while doing this because your ass wagging in his face is not something many men can ignore.

“The girl who twerks on my cock is very dear to me. I can't describe how much I love to see things like that.”


“If he twerks on my paw, then he can sit on my face. That's how things work here. I like a bad guy who knows when being bad can make daddy happy.”

– Igor

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3. The circular grinder

Now, you're kicking your ass backwards. But you're doing more than flexing and sticking your ass out. You are grinding in very small and sometimes large circles.

One of the advantages of this technique is that it makes your stick perfectly touch your walls.

It becomes like turning your hands in a bowl. You touch each wall of the cup.

The circular grinder can also be combined with twerking, if you are great at twerking.

Just know that you may feel some pain in your lower back. That's when you need to take a break. Check out our next article on when to take breaks in bed.

“I love it when my partner moves in circles like that. It's one of the best things I've ever experienced in bed.”

— Lloyd.

“Even though it's a lot of work, it's strangely very satisfying and I love kicking my ass like that.”

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4. Up and down: side to side

Another way to get real booty so your partner can barely get past what you're doing is to bounce your ass up and down and then side to side.

It is a difficult thing to do as you will need a high level of precision. But once you get it right, once you're able to throw that booty properly, you'll come to really enjoy the feeling.

Start with whatever you choose. Just make sure you crouch properly. A proper squat will make throwing your ass back quite easy.

If you're going to throw your butt back, your squat should look like this:

a. It should not be too high: a high squat can make the man painful when you ride him. You can flex your dick too high, so you feel pain.

b. It should not be too low: bending low is perfect with collapsed doggy, but not with the ass-kicking kind of sex.

c. Your pelvis should not feel locked: if you're squatting correctly, your pelvis will barely feel locked. In fact, you will feel very free.

d. Your legs are apart: when throwing the ass back, the legs should be apart, so that there is enough space to stretch and pull the muscles of the upper thighs.

Roll your ass from side to side, then bounce it up and down. Almost like you're twerking, only this time there's a lot more movement.

“I noticed that she was making more of a sign with her waist. It was so fascinating. I loved how big I felt all of a sudden. Like I could fill up my vagina.

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– Grind

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5. Pain Free: Seriously, pain free

There should be no pain as you kick your ass back.

This will require you to take two very important precautions;

a. Don't hit your abdominal muscles too hard: as you throw your booty back, there's a good chance you could injure their abdominal muscles. When your booty bounces, it bounces off your abdominal muscles and can cause pain.

Don't be too violent as you kick back. Pay attention to their body language. If it is trying to avoid your body, you should suspect that there may be some pain.

b. Be careful with your balls: you must be careful with his balls. His balls can feel a lot of pain. So be careful not to throw so much that it hurts you.

If you notice that you are in pain, stop and take a break.

6. Rhythm

This sex is now teamwork. It not only determines the rhythm of sex. You do too now.

So pay attention. Pay attention to when sex should be fast and when it should be slow.

It helps regulate the rhythm of sex.


Throwing your ass back is a skill every woman should learn.

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