Sometimes it's hard to tell what a man wants. Do you want a relationship? A situation? What exactly? In this article, we show you five signs that he really wants to be your boyfriend, who loves you so sincerely.

1. He wants to be with you all the time

One of the big signs that a guy wants to be your man is that he wants to go out with you a lot.

Guys are very attracted to women they like. This makes them want to have these women around.

If he has asked you to come on a date with him more than twice a week, then he may be feeling you a lot and trying to maintain a relationship.

One way to tell if he really wants to spend time with you is if he's at a pace that makes you comfortable.

Guys who want to be your boyfriend tend to be more attentive than guys who don't.

They will rarely want to push you beyond your comfort zone. And if that happens, they will be sensitive enough to get back on track. They will make you feel more confident again.

2. He is loyal

yes There are times when guys are loyal in their dating stages, long before a relationship is established, and loyalty is expected to blossom.

If you notice that a guy is already faithful to you, he might be trying to make you his girlfriend.

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Here are some subtle signs that you're already expressing loyalty:

  1. He just talks to you: at least in the moments you spend time with him. He is never on his phone and never tries to answer any messages. If you've ever had to say, “Don't you take that call?” there is such a big possibility that he is trying to project loyalty to you. He might not be loyal enough to stay away from other women just yet. But the simple fact that he's trying is enough to show you that he might want to be your man.
  2. He never mentions other women: if a man makes an effort not to mention other women in your interaction with him, then he is already showing you signs of loyalty. He is already showing you that he is the guy for you. I would say that when a guy makes an effort to avoid other women in conversations with a woman he's on a date with, then that's such a big green flag.
  3. Your relationship status changes on Facebook: there are times when men take the next step, even if it's too early, and change their relationship status on Facebook. Some do this as a means to attract more women and it works. Others just do it because they mean it. Either way, it's a great sign of loyalty and maybe an indication that this man wants to be in a relationship with you. He wants to be your boyfriend.

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3. Explore their past relationship through you

Let's say you ask him about his ex. Or why the relationship failed.

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In a man who is very interested in being your boyfriend, you may notice that he will explore the past relationship in what looks like a side-by-side comparison.

It will explore the relationship based on its interaction with you.

It can say something like:

“She really wasn't anything like you. I think you're much better. She didn't sound or smile like you.”

This is such a big sign that he is already starting to see you as a potential partner.

That's why it's so important to ask a man how his past relationships felt. At every stage of the conversation you're at, ask a man what caused his past relationships to fail.

You will learn a lot about that man. But most of all, you will learn about their ability to be responsible. A man who is always blaming the failure of his past relationships on his spouses, a man who was always the good guy, while the others were only trying to hurt him, is not going to be very good for you.

He lacks the ability to be responsible for his actions and therefore will not be accountable to you.

4. He is already showing jealousy

A man who is showing jealousy already likes you.

Men are great at hiding their affection but very bad at hiding their jealousy, especially if they are already faithful to you.

It may be a subtle jealousy that goes unnoticed, but it will be there.

It will appear in questions like:

“That guy must care about you, yes?”

Or something like: “Well. You really have to trust that guy to be so free around him.”

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These two aren't exactly questions. They are bait. They are a man's way of trying to figure out what a man means to you.

If you tell him that that guy was your brother or cousin, you will see the relief on his face.

However, you should keep in mind that while jealousy is usually a good thing, too much jealousy too early in the relationship is such a big red flag. It can be an indicator of the fact that a man may be controlling in the end.

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5. He tells you, subtly

He can tell you that he wants to be your boyfriend. But one thing is for sure: he won't tell you directly. The question will come in the form of rhetorical questions, witty comments or just jokes. But, I'm sure he'll tell you.

He might say something like, “Imagine having someone like you as my girlfriend. You can kill me with all your madness.”

Notice how this statement may make you laugh but it conveys a message that you should not miss.

A man who wants to be your boyfriend will make that clear in some way.

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