Self-pleasure doesn't have to be rushed for men. It shouldn't be that thing you do to wrap things up on a stressful day. It should be something that you really like, and in this article, we will try to make this a big reality for you. Here's how to masturbate properly, a seven-step guide for men to achieve solo pleasure.

1. Get in the mood

When it comes to sexual pleasure, you have to be in the mood. If you rush the mood, you will not get as much pleasure as you desire. This is just so.

And if you have a little pleasure, sooner or later the sour mood will drown everything.

Getting in the mood is easy; you just have to:

Feel safe:

Feeling safe in the bedroom is one of the best ways to achieve pleasure. This has to appear as mental and emotional safety. Your mind has to agree with what is happening. You have to be open to the idea that self-pleasure is a normal thing that everyone should pursue without feeling bad about it.

Don't feel bad for wanting to pleasure yourself. Feel good about it yourself.

Lam, one of our readers, agrees that sexual activity is much better when you can expect the pleasure it will give you.

“When I'm looking forward to having sex with my partner,” he says, “That sex ends up being some of the best sex ever. I don't even know how it works, but it's amazing.”

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Choose the right lighting:

If your lighting is too bright, it can alter your feelings of pleasure. If you want to feel a lot of pleasure, go for a light that won't hurt your eyes or make you feel a little too self-conscious.

Self-awareness is a good thing sometimes, but when one starts to feel like they're in the spotlight even when they're in their own bed, then they should consider turning off the lights.

Choose the right music:

The right music can be what separates you from an orgasm. Many guys agree that music that puts thoughts in their head makes masturbating easier and better.

Look for that kind of music. If you don't have any idea, you can search your music provider for a sex playlist.

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2. Put thoughts in your head

Masturbation can be a body thing. But believe me, just like sex, your mind has to be involved.

Feed your mind with the most erotic thoughts. You can get them by reading erotic books, watching erotic movies, pornography, or even thinking about your partner or anyone else you have sexual feelings for.

Liam says: “Masturbating with a sex partner stuck in the back of my head is different. I really love it, and I don't know why. I have to admit, most men love it too.”

Most men do!

3. Choose the correct position

When it comes to masturbating, position matters. Some guys are better standing. Others have it better when they are sitting. It's up to you to choose which one works for you.

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But know this: the right position won't stress you out or make you overly aware that you're trying to masturbate.

I recommend sitting with your legs apart. But you can do whatever works for you.

I recommend that you take off your clothes as well. Masturbating with your clothes on is a long way from sex. It's starting to feel weird.

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4. Choose the right lubricant

You'll need lube as a guy. You can't masturbate with your hands, can you? I heard there are guys who do this. I would like to know what it really feels like, if there is pain or some form of discomfort.

Either way, I think lube is always better.

Derrick, our reader who has had experiences with both lube-free and full-on masturbation, admits that masturbation is better with lube. It's much better.

The right lubricant will be gentle on the skin of the penis. There will be no form of reaction, no matter how small. There will also not be a smell that is too strong for you. The right lubricant will be the right one.

5. Rub lube on your dick and start stroking

Rub some lube on your dick and start stroking. Make sure the lube is spread evenly, so there isn't even an inch of your stick that can get caught in the heat of the friction.

Now, start stroking. Make sure you stroke at a rhythm. Caressing without rhythm can make it seem too far from sex.

Stroke every part of your penis, especially the parts that bring you the most pleasure.

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Don't be afraid to touch up your wrong areas too. These areas can amplify what you feel. For example, touching your nipples while stroking your penis might be a turn-on for you.

Ubong says, “Touching your penis and other areas of your body can be a great way to improve masturbation.”

Also, make sure you touch the entirety of your shaft. Touch your entire penis.

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6. Move your legs

It may seem like a very small and tiny thing, but moving your legs is also such a powerful movement when you masturbate.

It can trick your body into thinking you're having sex. Once your body believes that, your feelings of pleasure will be lost

7. Moaning

Yes, making sounds can make you believe you're actually having sex. Some men find moaning especially helpful. I think it can help you too

Masturbating is great when you know how to do it right.

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