Bumble is one of the most popular dating sites in the world, with millions of users around the world. In this article, we show you how Bumble works, and in the next article, we show you how to get the best matches and likes on Bumble.

1. Interface

Bumble offers a web version and an app version. Here we focus on the app version, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store.

The app icon is a yellow square with four black lines.

After launch, the Bumble app is very responsive. It has a white background, black letters, some yellow colors on certain pages, and red dots that show new likes, matches, or messages.

After registration, there are five icons at the bottom:

  1. For you, that leads you to the best profiles for you.
  2. Profile, which takes you to your profile.
  3. People, which shows you the people around you.
  4. Liked, which shows you who swiped on your profile.
  5. Chats, which show you all your messages.

2. Characteristics of the profile

Your profile will have these characteristics:

i. Images:

Every Bumble profile should have pictures. They must be pictures of you and your best picture must be the one that stands out as your profile picture.

You can upload up to six images, which can be seen by people who visit your profile.

ii. He was:

You will also need a biography. These should be just a few words that describe you. Your bio should be unique if you want to get likes on Bumble, as we'll show you in the next article, How to Get Likes on Bumble.

iii. Interests:

This is where you indicate what things interest you. It can be anything from writing and reading or just staying at home.

The best and hottest interests get the most likes on Bumble.

iv. Indications:

These are the directions given by Bumble, which you can, of course, edit. They are shown to anyone who clicks on your profile. They're like your interests, only more detailed and more personal. You'll get the most out of Bumble if your leads are great.

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V. About:

Your envelope contains:

  • Important details like where you work.
  • Your highest level of education.
  • Your gender
  • Your location.

vii. More about you:

These include all other details about you.

It can include your height, your exercise routine, as well as your drinking habits.

One tip I like to give guys is: If you want to get the best out of Bumble, you shouldn't overlook this More About You part of your profile.

viii Verification:

Every Bumble profile is given the opportunity to be verified. Profiles that are verified have a higher chance of getting hits.

The verification process on Bumble is quite simple. All you have to do is take a photo with your camera in a particular pose, which Bumble will recommend, and they'll be verified in just a couple of seconds.

ix. Postpone:

Replay allows Bumble users to hide their profiles from everyone except the people they swiped on.

It's a very important privacy feature and you should make the most of it if you don't want anyone to see you on a dating site.

x. Incognito:

Incognito Mode is a mode on Bumble when you go incognito.

It's almost like taking a break from Bumble. Your profile will not be shown to anyone.

You also won't see any profiles until you turn off incognito mode.

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3. For you

The “For You” icon is right next to “Profile”. It's a pretty cool feature and pretty much one of my favorites on Bumble.

The For You option, when clicked, shows you a gallery of profiles that have been pre-selected for you.

Pre-selection is done with programs that sort the profiles based on:

  • Location: You will have people closer to you on your “For You” side of the middle.
  • Interests: People who share your interests will also recommend you. The belief is that you are likely to find them more interesting.

4. People

Right next to Para ti are the people. This is almost like the “For You” part of Bumble, but the selection is a bit more random.

There might be people who don't share your interests or anything. But they will be close to you.

Depending on your filters, you can see people very close or very far away.

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The furthest I've seen for my part was someone who was a couple of towns away.

The profile you are faced with is usually just a picture with that person's name on it. Including where they work and their school, if they filled it out.

To see more about them, you have to swipe down. This is one of the main differences between Tinder and Bumble.

5. Filters

Your filters adjust the type of people Bumble shows you.

To access Bumble's filter, which many people seem to have trouble accessing, you need to tap on the icon at the top right of the screen.

It looks like two lines with a round head lying next to each other.

Filters allow you to choose who you want to be shown. There is an option to see only men and an option to see only women or both.

There is an option to adjust the ages you want displayed. If you want women older than a certain age to be shown, just uncheck the option.

There is also an option to show only verified profiles. I recommend that anyone who is verified only wants to see verified profiles as well.

Advanced filters included:

a. Height: here, you choose women or men of a certain height.

It works great if height matters to you.

b. What you want on Bumble: you can choose to only show people who want a relationship or something.

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6. Bumble Premium

Bumble premium is a paid version of Bumble with more features. Payment in the app version of Bumble is usually handled by Google Pay for Android devices and Apple Pay for Apple devices.

Google Pay and Apple Pay usually process transactions in your local currency, so it's hard to say exactly how much the premium will cost.

Some of the features of Bumble Premium include:

  1. Unlimited Likes: On regular Bumble, one is only limited to a certain number of likes per day. This can be very annoying, especially if you are someone who is looking to keep your options open by matching with a lot of people. However, with the premium version of Bumble, you can swipe through as many accounts as possible.
  2. You can see who liked you: Likes are often hidden in basic Bumble, so it becomes a guessing game, where you have to guess who liked them and hope they match someone. Bumble Premium ends that. You can see who likes you in real time and you can decide to like them back or ignore them.
  3. Later Tracks: In the basic version, once you like or dislike, that panel disappears and you can't go back there. It becomes impossible to change your mind about who you like and who you don't. This changed with premium. You can also go back. The good thing is that the rollbacks are unlimited.
  4. Focus: You can be in the spotlight for 30 minutes a week. That is, almost everyone around you will be shown your profile for 30 minutes a week.
  5. I like more: On average, most people who use Bumble Premium will receive more likes than those who don't.
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8. Focus

The focus feature is one that places people where people around them can see them.

It makes a particular account “popular” in that environment, increasing the chances of that account being liked.

Focus is usually paid, even when you have a premium subscription.

The options are:

  • Focus for 30 minutes.
  • Focus for a week.
  • Focus for a month.

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7. Correspondence and messaging

Combining is easy. Just swipe. That is if you think that their profile picture alone is enough to prove that they are attractive.

If so, you can swipe down to the bottom of the page and click the check mark if you like them. Or on brand X if you don't.

Messaging on Bumble is a bit difficult to understand.

The deal is that Bumble gives preference to whoever makes the final move.

If you were the first to swipe on someone, they would be the ones to message you. And if they don't text you back 24 hours after a match, you'd lose that match.

Women have courier preference.

8. Unmatching and rematching

It's as easy as a tap to decompress.

Recombine? Not so easy.


Bumble is one of the best dating apps in 2024.

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