The Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has started a new project to provide free transportation throughout the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to female instructors and students. This program tries to solve the problems of transportation and make it easier to get around.

Key points

  • The Ministry presents twenty new pink buses for free transport.
  • The teachers and students of public and private schools are the target audience.
  • Objective: Reduce the female school dropout rate as a result of problems related to transport.
  • Current issues: Due to financial constraints and delayed maintenance, thirty percent of the buses now in use are not in service.
  • Future goals: restricted to faculty and students at first, but room permitting, may be opened to additional women.
  • Date of operation: The buses will start running until June 15.
Initiative: Free transport system for students and teachers
Object: Address transportation challenges, reduce dropout rates

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What is the Transportation Plan Initiative about?

By bringing in 20 new buses, the Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is addressing the mobility issues facing female instructors and students. These buses will be given away free of charge and will help address issues that contribute to high dropout rates for female students. The pink buses will transport students to and from public and private schools in rural and urban areas of the federal capital.

Lack of access to adequate transportation causes many girls to drop out of school. 30 percent of the 385 buses of federal educational institutions are out of service, according to an internal assessment. This is caused by financial constraints, lack of drivers and delays in repairs. Initially, the new buses will only be available for instructors and students. On the other hand, other women could travel on similar buses in the future if there is space. By June 15, the Ministry hopes to have all 20 buses operational.

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Who can use these buses?

These buses are available for use by teachers and students of public and private educational institutions in the Capital Territory of Islamabad. Teachers and students could go for free thanks to the buses. By June 15, the buses are expected to start running.


The Ministry of Federal Education and Vocational Training has taken a big step with the free transport program for female teachers and students. By providing reliable transportation, it seeks to reduce female dropout rates and increase access to school. This project is expected to improve female education in Islamabad and make it easier for girls to continue their education.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the main objective of the free transport scheme?
The main objective is to provide free transport for students and teachers, helping to reduce dropout rates and improve access to education.

Why are these buses needed?
Buses are needed because many girls drop out of school due to inadequate transportation. The new buses will help them to attend school regularly.

Will the scheme be extended to include other women?
Yes, although the initial focus is on students and teachers, the scheme can be expanded to include other women if space is available on the buses.

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