It's no news that men prefer to date younger women. The question is, why? Are they being predatory? Of course not. They are just responding to a subtle biological cue. In this article, I will show you 10 reasons why men like to date younger women.

1. They are beautiful

Men will always go after looks. If a woman looks good, you can count on guys going after her.

Most younger women see better than their older counterparts.

Of course, they are at an age where everything seems to support them, including their hormones.

Estrogen makes your skin look better. With collagen fibers that make the skin very resistant and elastic.

Their faces are brighter. Their smiles are enough to attract anyone.

Their bodies are thick and firm. Their bras look great in bras and bikinis, even when they're naked.

Men are driven by what they see, and as a result, many will pursue women who are physically attractive.

2. They are feminine

Men love women who are feminine.

This is the true nature of things; we attract the opposite of what we are, like opposites of a magnet, which attract each other.

A healthy masculine man is going to be attracted to feminine traits.

Evaluate these characteristics based on look and attitude.

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The younger woman looks feminine. And in many cases, it can also act and sound feminine.

The hallmark of femininity is grace in speech, grace in style, and a beautiful innocence.

Guys are attracted to these things just like women are attracted to men who are masculine.

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3. His lack of experience is innocent

Younger women are mostly very inexperienced. Of course, they are too young to have experienced some things, including pain and trauma.

This makes them very innocent.

Men are drawn to this innocence because it promises a healthier, more self-aware woman.

Women who have too much experience and are not innocent are almost always a red flag for a man because he assumes that her lack of innocence means that she has had many experiences that can traumatize her.

Experiences that may have affected his deepest beliefs so much that he becomes unable to experience love the way love should be experienced.

He who has not been hurt experiences love and life as real love should be lived.

4. They have a strong drive for more

Younger women can have a lot of strength, as they are not tired or exhausted from trying and trying things.

They carry around the passion for a better life and a better future for themselves.

This passion is very attractive, especially when directed towards a hobby or some creative endeavor.

Men really love creative women.

And to be fair, I think his love for creative women is only directed at the passion of a creative woman.

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That's why you see that many boys like writers, painters or artists.

5. Other men want

Men are biologically wired to compete.

It is a biological wiring that appears very low on the scale of evolution.

Even lower animals compete with each other for the best females.

If a woman has many men chasing her, especially if this man is of great value, then many other men will want to date her.

Younger women naturally have more men interested in them.

This means that even more guys will be interested in them as time goes on.

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6. They are eager to please

Younger women seem to have a greater desire for comfort, so they are less likely to rebel against things that older women will naturally rebel against.

This makes them very eager to please their partners and keep the peace in the relationship.

This ability to keep the peace and please the partner is very attractive to men, so men will be attracted to her, which makes men very attracted to younger women.

This is not to say that older women are problematic or less eager to please. It means that older women are more experienced in dating, so they can be difficult to please because their standards will be too high.

7. They learn

With youth comes the desire to learn.

Younger women are very open to learning. And as a man is usually very proud and happy to teach his wife, he loves a woman who learns.

In our survey to find out the 10 things a man seems to want in his wife, the desire or willingness to ask for help”, was very high on the list.

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Men love it when women can ask for help, especially if they are asking from a place of love and not a place of entitlement.

8. They can have good earning potential

Younger women may have greater potential as they are ready to learn and to try things they don't quite understand.

As we already know, people who are able to take risks are the ones who earn the most.

The younger woman loves to take risks as long as she is protected by her man.

Any man loves to see this, so most men will pursue a younger woman.

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9. A reason why men may not even know themselves

Some men hardly know why they like younger women.

Ask them, and they'll say, “Hell, I don't even know.”

That is the truth. They don't know It's hard to say, but the desire is there.

10. Good sex

Younger women have good sex. They may not be physically great at sex. But in addition to the fact that they are willing to learn, they are also eager to let go and experience the true intimacy of sex and desire.


Men like to date younger women because they are attracted to grace and poise.

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