The first strike maneuver is a technique invented by one of our editors. It's a technique that's sure to help any guy make memorable first shots. He features a range of moves and skills and makes women want to go crazy every damn time.

In our small survey of 17 women, 15 of them agreed that they knew whether or not sex would be great just by accessing the first stroke.

“I could tell he would pay attention. I could tell from the first stroke that he really cared about my body enough to want to know.
– Baby

“First hit has always been my first hit. Especially if we're talking about a guy having sex with me for the first time. It's an easy way to tell if the sex is going to be great.”
– Kembi.

This article will be divided into sections. In the first section, I'll show you how to do the first maneuver and get it right every time. Then, I'll show you the top five qualities of a good first shot.

1. Get rid of anxiety

Seriously, before you do, get rid of all the anxiety you must be feeling. Sexual anxiety ruins a lot of things in the bedroom, including first hits. Free yourself from that anxiety and get ready to enjoy yourself.

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2. Do it in missionary

I think the missionary position is the best position to initiate sex. This is because it is quite a sensual position. You can look into your partner's eyes and feel what they are feeling.

And that's exactly what I want you to do.

3. Knock on the door

You've probably seen or done this before. It sounds like a cliché, but it's not. Rub the shaft of your penis over the woman's clitoris and then slam it over her vulva as if you were knocking on the door of her vagina.

Continue sliding the shaft of your penis over her lips. Rub in circular motions along the labia majora and labia minora while looking at her face. I bet he's feeling something deep.

4. The rock cover

The tip of your penis should go in first, never the entire shaft of your penis. It should come in at an angle.

When you go all the way in, pause. This is where the real maneuvering begins. Make circular movements with the penis inside the vagina. This will rub all his lube on you.

Then slowly push the entire penis.

5. Enjoy

The second blow comes here. Make sure you enjoy it.

The 5 qualities of a good first hit

1. There is no pain

Pain is always the enemy of great sex. There should be no pain when one seeks pleasure. Especially not when one is on the first strike. Like I said, a bad first shot almost always ends in bad sex.

Shola told us this: “Whenever the first stroke came with pain, either from lack of friction or from being hard, I knew sex wasn't going to be great sex.”

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The first maneuver helps you avoid all pain, giving your partner only pleasure.

2. Keep the mood of the preliminaries

Sex is a very sensitive moment. Even the smallest things stand out. Think of any time you've been having sex and suddenly there's a knock on the door. Most likely there was a pause that lasted a few seconds. And after the pause, came some discomfort. Or think about the time your phone rang in the middle of great sex.

These things happen even with foreplay. If you're not in the mood right after foreplay, there's a good chance you're going to mess up sex.

The first stroke maintains the mood. It doesn't spoil it by being overly uncomfortable.

First uncomfortable strokes are common in guys who have some anxiety about sex. While this is understandable, it is not excusable all the time. Let go of your anxiety about sex and enjoy yourself. Enjoy having sex.

Good sex is great.

3. The following strokes are fluid

Think of a relay race. We can say that the first runner is remarkable if he hands the bat to the next in line and nothing unusual happens.

The first hit isn't usually just the best. It's also the trait that should make other traits feel good. A good first strike will lead to a good second strike, and a third strike, and it just keeps going.

Nene said: “If his first hit is really good, it will be something I feel. I will love it so much that I keep in mind to wait for the second hit because I know it will be just as good.”

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4. There is intensity

The first blow is very intense. That's just it. This is why eye contact is so important when one is making the first stroke.

A good first hit is going to be very intense. It will make things a lot better.

5. It doesn't hurt you

We shift the focus from your partner and focus a little on you. A good first hit isn't supposed to hurt you at all. It's supposed to be awesome, feeling good enough for you.

If it hurts you, then it's not good. It suggests that there is a lot of friction. And the rule of thumb is: if you're feeling friction, chances are your partner is too.

Remember that friction occurs when two surfaces rub against each other. The two surfaces have to “rub”.


The first stroke maneuver is important and beautiful.

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