The next time you want to really turn your woman on, send her any of these ten erotic poems and watch her desire more of you.


Glowing skin in a dimly lit room,

Spread your legs and come closer to me

Place your hand on the back of my neck

And sing a song that makes me hard.

Tough love is what I give these days

You want your hair to be pulled back

call me dad

This is what it means to be mine.

This is what it means to seek an orgasm

And find it in a lover's crotch;

This rod shall be yours,

And the pleasure will be mine to give.


Crouch and turn your back to an arch.

That throws bits of pleasure into my eyes so I close them and imagine a world.

Where we are alone.

in this world,

We are fighting and fucking

And make music in the morning.

Let's imagine what it means to swallow a lump that gets stuck in the throat.

Let's make the memory of this sex a lump.

Let's make the love we never forget so that the days you're not around,

I will remember your face and the hum of the dildo.


I like it wet. I like it wet.

In this body, I look for a memory of the first day we kissed.

I'll search your insides with my hands,

Bending my knuckles up so the ball of my fingers caress the ridge of your cunt.

I will also search your insides with the head of my penis,

Slow and then faster strokes,

Until you can't help but stick your fingers in my back

And call me names you've never called anyone before.

dad Call me that; i love it

Like I love it when your eyes roll into the back of your head like you're fighting to keep your sanity from falling out of your skull.


Before there was me, and then there were us,

and now I can't help but seek to build upon what we have,

Just how I believe my confidence when on top of you.

There's a look in your eyes that takes me places

Too close to oblivion.

You would climb on my paw and climb on me

Hill where there is only music and the taste of your cum?


Your cum paints my dick like a sandwich.

Can I call you baker, or is that my title?

Your cheeks are like the cake I bury my face in.

My tongue seeks to play with the knob of your clitoris like one with the knob of a mouse.

Let me guide your pointer to places where you can't hold back a scream…

In places where the house is close,

Where my nipples are hard, and I ask you to look at me when I fuck you.

I like the look of beauty when I start to shake and you pull me closer to empty inside you.


From the bar to the bed. From drinking wine to drinking your juices…

I seek to paint your face with white milk from the shaft of my penis.

You can swallow if you want, or you can pass a hand through

This should be sensual, a hopeless moment.

call me romantic

and let me name you.

But first call me dad.

Grab my face and say you don't want anything

More than seeing the pleasure dance in my eyes.

There are butterflies in your stomach that must

Find an escape in your moans and screams.


It's raining outside. I ask you today that your vagina paints a wet map on my bed,

Just so you can see that you are my world.

What are unbroken links?

What is sex without some tension and desire?

I take you to the bank of a river and

Abstain, preventing you from joining him.

You are only allowed to be affluent in my world.

This is magic, making love;

the burning of insecurities in a bonfire.

I will encourage you to peace. And each stroke will be a claim that cannot be annulled.


I want your body and mind and everything in it

space that no one can reach.

I feel like I'm in a prison, so please set me free:

Take out this condom and push me back inside you,

so that skin meets skin and eyes meet eyes.

I know what it means to be a broken thing.

I know how it feels to want a lost feeling,

So I ask you to resurrect my passions.

Get on your knees and free my dick from my pants.

Now, place it on your throat.

Vomiting reflex. spit on it Smear your spit, so that I'm shiny and moist.

gold Remember the taste of love when I'm far away.


Let me admire your butt.

You get dressed and then start taking off your clothes one by one while I sit and watch.

I know the beauty of skin against red lights

Let your silhouette sing me a song

Put your head on my shoulders

Or rather: let the head of your penis find peace

on the walls of my vagina.

barricade prisons Like when I hang my arms behind my back in the doggy, so it's impossible to move.

Poetry is a song we must learn to sing when our desires are too big to fit in a bedroom.


fuck me

Fuck me how you mean every minute,

Like a broken clock watches us.

I know laughter, the taste of wine,

The flavor of twists explored.

I know I love you more than anything else.


Poetry is a form of writing that ignites passion and can make you feel things that texts alone cannot make you feel.

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