REDMAGIC introduced a new cooler accessory compatible with many smartphones. The VC Cooler 5 Pro features a liquid-cooled VC radiator, which efficiently dissipates heat during intense gaming sessions, ensuring optimal performance and avoiding overheating issues.

The REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro stands out for its liquid cooling technology, capable of cooling a smartphone up to 35 °C and reaching -12 °C. It can lower the temperature from 28°C to 0°C in just 30 seconds. The accessory is easy to use with its magnetic attachment and back clip.

Inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics, the transparent casing of the VC Cooler 5 Pro showcases its internal hardware technology, creating a visually stunning effect. With RGB lighting effects, it adds to the immersive gaming experience.

With dual functionality as a magnetic attachment and back clip, the VC Cooler 5 Pro offers convenience for gamers and everyday use. Compatible with Apple MagSafe, it ensures optimal cooling without compromising user comfort.

Specifications and features
  • Maximum power: 36 W
  • TEC (Thermoelectric Refrigerator): 36 x 36 mm
  • 7 blade fan spinning at 5500 rpm
  • Size: 66mm x 59mm x 28mm; Weight: 100g
  • Magnetic attraction: 16N
  • Equipped with REDMAGIC AI thermal control function, available on Android “Goper” app
  • Floating air duct prevents hand disruption and increases thermal conductivity by 153%
  • Power increased by 34%, overall cooling effect increased by 50%
  • Secure, clip-on magnetic accessory for compatible devices
  • The box includes magnetic sticker, handle and 5A data cable
Prices and availability

The REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro is priced at USD 59 (EUR 59 or Rs. 4,920 approx). It will be available for purchase from April 15, 2024 at

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Commenting on the release, the REDMAGIC team said:

At REDMAGIC, our dedication lies in revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry with cutting-edge technological advancements. Through the introduction of the VC Cooler 5 Pro, our goal is to provide gamers with an unparalleled cooling solution that elevates gaming and sets new performance benchmarks.

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