The government will soon start accepting registrations for the PM laptop scheme. Many students are curious to know whether or not they will be qualified for the laptop program in this regard. In this article, these students will receive all the information they need to determine whether or not they are eligible for this scheme. Students in this subject are receiving comprehensive instruction, after which they can assess their eligibility. If you meet the requirements mentioned above, you will have no problem enrolling in the laptop program and receiving a free laptop from the government. Check out all the information in this article if you also want to get a laptop.

Objectives of Prime Minister's Laptop Scheme

An initiative of the government, the prime minister Laptop schematic, was initiated by the Pakistani government under the direction of the Pakistani Prime Minister. The objective of this program is to provide laptops to male and female students across the country based on their educational background, enabling them to pursue studies in accordance with global standards. Eliminating poverty is the second main goal of the government with this program, in addition to its educational purpose.

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Qualified students

  • This program is open to students enrolled in any public university or school recognized by HEC, with the exception of distance education.
  • Students enrolled in a PhD, MS, MPhil or comparable program aged 18.
  • This program is also open to students who have enrolled in four- or five-year degree programs.
  • Additionally, students have committed to three-year, two-year, and one-year MBA programs.

Ineligible students

Under this program, the following male and female students are not eligible to receive a laptop computer:

  • These students lack complete information about their training.
  • Students who do not live permanently in Pakistan.
  • Students who have been found guilty of any type of criminal offense.
  • Students who were part of the previous phase of the laptop scheme and received a laptop.
  • Students who have not completed their laptop application online.
  • Students enrolled in any institution of higher education in the private sector.
  • Laptop computers will not be issued to students who have completed their degree at the time of laptop distribution.
  • A student also cannot receive the laptop if they do not have the necessary documentation.
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Eligibility criteria
– Enrolled in public universities or educational centers recognized by HEC
– Enrolled in PhD, MS, MPhil programs aged 18
– Enrolled in 4- or 5-year degree programs
– Enrolled in 3, 2 and 1 year MBA programs


The Pakistani government will soon begin the registration process for the laptop program. Numerous students were curious as to whether or not they could take advantage of this laptop program. This article contains complete information about all the eligibility requirements, keeping in mind the needs of the students. Once they are aware of this, students can start the enrollment process by submitting their application. Also, you will be able to see all the details on our website as soon as there is any new information about it.

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Frequently asked questions

Which students are not eligible to register for the free PM 2024 laptop program?

Students who do not live permanently in Pakistan are not eligible to register for the PM Laptop Scheme 2024.

Can students enrolled in BS programs apply for the PM Youth Laptop program?

This program is also open to students who have enrolled in four- or five-year degree programs.

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