Men always have women they consider a little more special than others. They tend to treat these women more pleasantly and make sure they experience the authenticity of male affection. In this article, I'm going to show you how to be the special woman for a man you're in the same boat with.

1. Be feminine

Femininity is very different from masculinity. They are polar opposites, after all. And so the masculine is often very attracted to the feminine.

A man will find a woman very special if she is effortlessly feminine. You don't even have to try too hard. Men usually recognize when it's there and when it's not.

A feminine woman is usually:

  • You are less likely to start a confrontation: confrontations are a man's thing as a man is expected to provide and protect his partner. A woman who is more confrontational than she should be is generally considered masculine. Such a woman is not special to men. On the other hand, their female counterparts are everything a man wants.
  • Less likely to compete: men do not like women who turn everything into a form of competition. This is usually a masculine trait and turns many men off.
  • Soft spoken: feminine women speak with such grace. A man usually tells a woman that she is feminine the moment she starts talking. While masculine women often speak with an aura of masculine arrogance and pride, sometimes, even rightfully so, the feminine woman is nothing like that. She speaks with ease and grace, and everyone who talks to her loves what they hear.
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2. Be fit

The special woman, in addition to being feminine, is supposed to be fit. And by fit, I mean it has to be healthy. in shape You must not be overweight or obese. You don't have to spend all day in the gym. You just have to be fit enough to do everything with ease.

A woman who is special is usually very conscious of her health. Men love and appreciate hygienic and health-conscious women who know how to stay away from activities that harm their health, such as smoking or hard drugs.

As long as you try to get and stay fit, you will be special to men.

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3. Be supportive

Solidarity women are special women. Every man admits that he is looking for nothing more than a woman who supports him, urging him to be more and better for himself and the relationship.

Supportive women are not pushed around like people think. They are, in fact, very firmly feminine women who have learned how a man's mind works.

Supportive women almost always have one or all of these three traits:

  1. They do not compete: if you have to compete, then it is not supportive. Supportive women see no need to compete with their spouses for anything. When your spouse gets a win, consider it a win for the relationship. They are firm believers in this: “Your victory is our victory.”
  2. Solidarity women know when to intervene: the problem with support is that it is often timed. You don't just support anyone at any time. You support where your support is needed, or if there is an interruption. Women who are supportive know when to step in and when to let men keep trying.
  3. Solidarity women know what to say: The thing is, women know these things. There are things a woman will say that will make a man immediately go crazy, look at him and wonder what kind of special woman she is. Supportive women know how to say these things, and they say them quite often.
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4. Ask questions first

When special women have doubts, they don't come charging at the man. They don't come asking who is this person texting, shouting at the top of their lungs. They don't do all that. Instead of confronting, they wait and try to figure out the best time to deal with the problem.

He likes to ask questions when his feelings get in the way of reason.

Men don't like women who just jump to conclusions without asking questions first. They don't like women who think they know everything.

5. No disturbance, please

If you want to be a special woman, then you have to do everything you can to stop nagging. Men don't like it when a woman scolds. Some say it's better to chew rocks than spend time with a scolding woman.

Instead of nagging, look for ways to learn effective communication. This will benefit you a lot.

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6. Push it. But not too much

As much as it's a great idea to push a man until he becomes better for himself, you should know that pushing a little too hard can cause him to fall into an area where he feels like he's not doing enough. Or how they are not good enough.

Never push your man into this area.

7. Love, really

Love. Learn all the ways your man needs to be loved and love him. You're going to be special like that. It's no use trying to be tough. Love is for the tough.

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8. Be industrious

Men think that women who are hard workers are very special. And by industrious, they mean women who have the ability to solve problems and make even the most uncomfortable situations seem comfortable.

When a woman is like that, men will be attracted to her and will be drawn to respect her greatly.

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9. Be protective too

Yes, protect it too. Men need protection too.

10. Space

Give it space! Men love women who know when to give them space.

Special women understand a man's mind.

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