Yes, even men can get bored with sex. It happens much more often than we imagine, and many women are quick to dismiss the signs of a man's boredom because he is away from them or as looking for a reason to cheat. This is often not the case. Men get sexually bored for many reasons, and understanding this boredom goes a long way in solving it. In this article, I will help you fix a sexually boring man without trying too hard or getting tired.

1. It's not necessarily your fault

A man being sexually bored isn't necessarily your fault. I mean, a man can be bored for a couple of reasons that aren't even sexual.

I like to say that our sex life does not exist in isolation from our physical and emotional life.

If your man is sexually bored, I bet it's not your fault. It just happened. Avoid playing the blame game and find ways to deal with this boredom.

Try to observe how boredom leads you to respond to sex. Men who are sexually bored respond to sex in an unhealthy way. They may flatly reject all sexual advances or hold sex out of responsibility. It's not something they like. It is something that should be done.

How does your man respond? Write it in a book. It will be useful.

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2. He's pressured: Take some pressure off his shoulders

If you respond to sexual advances by pulling away, you should know that sexual boredom is unlikely to have a sexual origin.

It suggests that he is just tired. Worn out by something or someone. Many men are under intense pressure to keep their partners and families in good shape. This pressure is able to paralyze sexual desire.

It is able to make a man feel that sex is something that is not so necessary.

This is especially true with men who are with spouses who tend to challenge their sex drive.

It takes the pressure off your shoulders. Let him know that you are on his side and that he doesn't like to be put under too much pressure to see you and your family stable.

Give him space to enjoy himself and his life, and gradually you will find that the sex drives are returning.

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3. Take the kids

Boys can bore you sexually, I promise.

This is why couples who have just had children may struggle with sex more than their single counterparts.

Imagine a scenario where every sexual episode is interrupted by children running in and out of the room, who keep slamming doors.

The truth is, your man is going to get bored sexually. The next time you try to relate it to sex, you're going to say, “Oh, God. Not again.”

Why? He knows the kids will come back to bother you both. He knows it's no use trying to have sex.

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The best thing you can do is find a babysitter for your children. Someone who can look after them when you are away. This may be the only solution.

4. Get your body back

This is especially true if you have just given birth and are resuming sexual activities again.

Your man may feel bored: not because he doesn't like you, but because he is not used to your new body and may not find it so attractive.

This is also true for women who have gained a lot of weight suddenly.

Getting your body back will fix almost any seemingly boring man. It will create a devastating interest in him. Especially if your new body is very sexy.

Sometimes just the commitment to get your sexy look back solves the sexually bored man. I've heard men say things like, “I just needed to know I wanted my body back. That was it. It's the effort that really matters sometimes.”

5. Go on vacation

Vacations are great and can fix a lot of things, even a sexually bored man. Go on vacation somewhere far away and have as much fun as you can there.

You can and should visit one of the clubs or bars in this new place and have a few drinks so that you both feel drunk and can go on to have spontaneous sex.

When trying to fix sexual boredom in a man or woman, spontaneous sex is often the best option. If you're going to have traditional sex, make sure it's different and explores more kinks than you normally would.

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6. Approach him: Be feminine

He is her lover again. Maybe the two of you have been fighting all along. Here's the time to put all that behind you and bond all over.

Be his friend again. Be her lover too. It radiates that feminine grace that has him longing for you. Remember that men are masculine and crave opposite poles of their energy. They crave the feminine in bed and tend to love feminine women very much.

Approach him again. Take care and take care of your needs, and remember that sexual pleasure is one of your needs as a man. Have sex with him, not as a chore, but as a means to make your man happy while protecting you.

7. Explore your kinks

As often as possible, which should be every time you both have sex, you should explore each other's kinks. Don't be shy about talking about them.

They should be adventurous. Explore together as a couple.

Fixing a sexually bored man is as easy as attracting him back to you.

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