A lot of guys who join Bumble live like a draft. Days can go by without getting any likes or matches, and this can be irritating in some ways. In this article, we show you how to get more likes on Bumble without trying too hard.

1. Check

Seriously, verifying yourself will get you more likes on Bumble, and here's why:

Bumble likes verified accounts: To avoid spam and catfishing, Bumble prefers to boost verified accounts over unverified accounts.

This means that a verified account will appear on more profiles than unverified ones.

Some Bumble users prefer verified accounts: This is especially true for people who want something serious. They usually recognize the constant risk of being catfished and therefore set their filters to allow only verified accounts to be shown to them.

This is especially true for women. If you don't verify your account, it's unlikely to appear on accounts that might even like you in the first place.

The verification process is fortunately quite simple.

Just take a photo with a pose that will be shown to you during the verification process.

Verification takes just a couple of seconds if you've taken that photo correctly. Your profile will not be verified if you did not meet the recommended pose or if you were not in a properly lit environment.

2. Complete your profile

On dating apps, completed profiles tend to get more likes than incomplete profiles.

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This is because these dating apps tend to avoid all forms of catfishing.

People who manage catfish accounts barely have time to complete their accounts. And if they complete the bill, it's usually a very seedy thing.

If you spend some time perfecting your profile to make it stand out as awesome, you're sure to get more likes.

Your profile has a much better chance of being liked if you are at least 80 percent complete.

You will see a rapid increase in the number of your likes.

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3. Adjust your profile features

If you're going to get more likes on Bumble, it's important to find ways to fine-tune your profile features.

There are ten Bumble features that really need your attention;

i. images

You can upload six images to Bumble, including your profile picture.

To get more likes on Bumble, you need to make sure your images stand out. Especially your profile picture.

Profile picture should be sharp. A clear image that shows off your best features.

It can be your face, your height, anything.


Your bio should be one that makes a man or woman conclude that you are an interesting person even before contacting you.

Don't think people don't check out a person's bio.

they do In fact, after the profile picture, people look more at the bio.


Your interests are things you feel good about, things you enjoy doing.

Likes are often based on shared interests on Bumble.

So choose interests that stand out if you're looking for something more real.

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But if you're looking for more likes, you can choose a generic interest. Something that interests almost anyone.

This is because with generic interests, you will be shown to a wider demographic of people.

The best interests are usually music and literature. Everyone likes music. Everyone (not really) will like you on Bumble if you also like music.

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Your requests are something like your interest. Only this time they are much more personal.

If you're going to get more likes on Bumble, you're going to have to look for leads that are pretty high up.

Make your directions very well thought out. They should be able to excite anyone who accesses your profile.

On Bumble and other apps like Tinder, people tend to like people who excite them.


About your information, make sure there are details about where you work and where you went to school.

You have a better chance of being liked on Bumble if your persona is able to gain prestige. That is, if someone reads it and says, “Wow”

More about you

Be sure to include your height. This works best if you're a guy.

Tall guys will get more likes on Bumble, especially if you put a picture that convinces the woman that you really are tall.


If you're not getting any likes on Bumble, it might be time to remove your repeat profile.

Snoozing limits the number of people who see your profile, showing it only to people who have previously liked you.

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Eliminate repetition so that your profile reaches the eyes of others.


What is the need to search for likes when your profile is in incognito mode? No one will see you like this.

Remove your profile from incognito mode and enjoy Bumble at its best.

If you do all these profile tweaks right, you're sure to get more likes on Bumble; your matches will also improve.

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4. Adjust your filters

Adjusting the filters can also get you more likes.

You may not have enough likes on Bumble because your filters are too strict.

Cut them some slack. Let Bumble show you people who are a bit far away from you. Or people who may not share your interest.

This way, more people will see your profile and you will get more likes.

5. Be active and like others

Active accounts usually perform better. You can't expect to get that many likes if you leave Bumble and only come back like once a month.

Bumble it won't even show you that much.

participate more How much do you count?

Just do your thing.


Getting likes on Bumble is a lot more interesting than you think. It is also very easy.

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