Sometimes it's hard to have conversations with your crush because you run out of things to say or barely know what to say in the first place. In this article, we step in with a helping hand. Here are ten questions to ask your crush to get the conversation going.

1. What are your favorite social networks? Why?

This works because it makes her think.

In her head, she says, “Wait, you know I didn't think of that before? Let me think.”

Guess what? She's going to be engaged that way for a long time.

How will you answer: Of course, he will respond by showing you the social networks he likes the most. It becomes your duty to play up the conversation.

Ask him why he thinks that one is perfect. And why it is preferable to TikTok.

Everyone likes TikTok these days. She's going to be in the conversation.

2. When was the last time you saw a butterfly? What did he look like?

This is such a beautiful question to ask your love. On the surface, it seems like one of those silly questions.

But it isn't. At least it won't be for her as she starts to imagine why you asked her for that.

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It will work to get the conversation going: It will work to get the conversation going because it will make her think about butterflies.

If you haven't seen them in a while, you'll wonder why.

But one thing is for sure: he will want to know why you asked him that question.

When she asks why, just tell her something sweet and cheesy.

Something like: “I don't know. I thought I'd like to know when you took a look inside my belly.

That in itself is a playful way to show him that you get butterflies in your stomach.

If he's smart enough, he'll figure it out and laugh with you.

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3. What was your favorite childhood game?

Everyone likes to talk about the sweetest moments of their childhood as long as it doesn't traumatize them.

Before you ask your love this question, make sure that;

They did not experience any kind of trauma during their childhood.

If they did, maybe it's time to change the question.

If they didn't, move on.

How will you answer: Of course, you will notice a bright smile come to his face.

Suddenly, she feels like talking about it.

Childhood games are fun. And you know what's even funnier? The thought of them.

Thinking about childhood games can make one feel very comfortable.

What to do: When she talks about that game she loves or has loved since she was a child, you reciprocate. Tell him about a game you also liked when you were a kid.

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That should be the basis of the new conversation you enter.

Remember that a good conversation is just an overlay of amazing ideas and experiences that are chained together into something pleasurable.

4. Do you remember the first time we met?

From a distance, this is going to look very basic. And that's if you're talking to someone who barely knows you. But here you are talking to your crush, someone you might also like.

Why it will work: This question will work to get your crush invested in the conversation because it will remind him of who you were before this closeness.

It will make her want to feel even closer to you.

How will you answer: She will respond by being jovial and friendly and may even tease you. You can tell how much he likes you by his response. If his answer is very detailed, say he remembers everything about that day, what you wore and how you looked, then there's a good chance he likes you.

You should come to see conversations with your love as indicators. They can tell you how your crush feels about you.

How you should answer: To keep the conversation going, remind her what she was wearing. Tell her about what you noticed about her the first time you met.

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5. What do you think is the most annoying thing about you?

One way to spark a conversation with your crush is to ask her what she thinks about herself.

People like to talk about themselves. It makes them happy, especially if the listener is very interested in what you are saying. This is because when one can tell that someone is listening to their self-talk, that someone must be really interested in them.

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What will be your answer: Your response is likely to be laughter. Some women can go; “What, is this a trick question?”

My bet is that she laughs and then continues to answer the question or throws it back.

“No, tell me what you think is the most annoying thing about me.”

You shouldn't. It's a test.

6. What do you think is the most annoying thing about me?

Asking him this will get his attention, and that's a good thing. Sometimes, you have to ask your crush questions that will bring their attention back to you.

She will, of course, tell you.

You might not like the answer, so be prepared.

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7. Do you like (a book, a work of art, music)?

Ask him questions about your shared interests and tastes.

If she likes that topic as much as you do, make sure her answer is going to be very detailed, bringing more life to the conversation.

8. Can we go out sometime?

Sometimes the best question to ask your crush is the one that tells them you like them. Ask her on a date.

I know you won't say no.


Questions move conversations forward and give us insight into what that person thinks about you.

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