That is, households that consume up to 100 units of electricity will have access to solar systems. He stated that these solar systems will be delivered directly to people's doorsteps as part of the Ramadan package. This solar system can include a solar panel, inverter, battery and upgraded accessories.

100 Units of Electricity Consumers

Solar systems are supplied to customers through one hundred BISP units. Hundreds of solar systems are being provided to consumers. Now that they have solar systems, the poor segments of the program will be able to improve their lives. Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, the Chief Minister of Punjab, has announced that solar panels will be given to poverty-stricken people who use less than 100 units of electricity and are worried about inflation.

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Give solar systems to poor people

Through this program, which will give away 50,000 solar systems to consumers, Maryam Nawaz is helping low-income families. Aid programs are a source of happiness for a large number of those in need.

How to participate in this program?

To avail the benefits of the Roshan Gharana program, people need to complete the registration process. The Punjab government is yet to establish a method of registration; however, the program registration process will begin shortly. Customers will be registered to be a part of the Roshan Gharana program as quickly as possible. According to Maryam Nawaz, customers who use less than 200 units of electricity will be the initial target of the program. A lottery system will be used to select eligible users from those who have registered.

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Get the solar system in easy payments

Solar system supplier people will be chosen after screening their eligibility. People will get these solar systems in easy installments. People's homes will be supplied directly from these solar systems. A regulatory body will monitor the prices of solar panels to prevent and allow consumers to purchase solar systems in convenient and discounted installments. We will soon send you information on how to register for the Roshan Gharana program.

topic Details
Overview The Roshan Gharana Plan initiated by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz aims to provide solar systems to households consuming up to 100 units of electricity.
Solar systems for consumers of 100 units The program targets consumers who use up to 100 units of electricity, offering them solar systems as part of the initiative.


The Punjab government has taken a major step to help the people of the province with the Roshan Gharana programme. Installation of a kilowatt solar system will begin immediately, Maryam Nawaz Sharif announced. He introduced the concept of introducing state-of-the-art solar technology in Punjab. Families who receive electricity bills of up to 100 units will receive a special discount under this program.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the electricity requirement for eligible households?

Families who receive electricity bills of up to 100 units will receive a special discount under this program.

What is the number of solar systems that are distributed?

As part of this program, 50,000 solar systems will be distributed to customers

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