Pakistani families can receive much-needed financial assistance through the Benazir Income Support Program. But what if your most recent outlay is less than the projected Rs 10,500? Fear not: BISP has a specific procedure for reporting any deductions made to your payment.

This blog post will guide you through the process of filing a BISP complaint regarding withdrawal of Rs. 10,500 of your payment. We'll look at three practical ways for you to make a claim and ensure you get paid in full.

File a complaint online

  • Convenience at your fingertips: On its official website, BISP may provide an online grievance portal. This allows you to file a claim at any time, from the comfort of your own home.
  • What you will need: Get information like your CNIC number, transaction reference number (if available) and a detailed explanation of the reason for the deduction. Specify the amount missing and the date the payment was received.
  • Advantages of electronic filing: You can simply check the status of your complaint and save time by filing online.
Complaint process How to file
Online: Use BISP website portal and provide CNIC and transaction details. Contact Helpline: Talk to a representative and prepare the necessary details.
In person: Visit nearest BISP office and bring CNIC and supporting documents. Stay updated through BISP website or official channels of process changes.

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Contact the BISP Helpline:

  • Talk to a representative: BISP is likely to have a dedicated hotline for questions and complaints. This allows you to discuss your circumstances and have a direct conversation with a program representative.
  • Get information in advance: Similar to the online approach, when you call, be ready with your CNIC number, transaction information and the nature of the deduction. This makes it easier for the representative to effectively understand your problem.
  • Convenience of telephone assistance: If you prefer a more personalized approach or have trouble connecting to the Internet, it may be beneficial to call the helpline.

Visit your local BISP office:

You can visit your nearest BISP office to file a complaint in person. This allows you to communicate with program staff face-to-face and submit any required supporting documentation. Bring your CNIC, all the documentation required by the BISP staff and proof of the deduction in the form of a transaction receipt when you go.

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You can receive immediate assistance and a full explanation of your concern during this in-person conversation. For updated information on the best ways to lodge complaints, please visit the BISP website or official channels. Note that they may change depending on location or program updates.


It can be upsetting to have your BISP payment deducted. To make sure you get all the money you're entitled to, BISP offers easy-to-access complaints channels. You can correctly report the deduction and possibly get a quick settlement by following these instructions and providing the required information. Let us remember that the BISP is dedicated to providing deserving families with an equitable allocation of funding. Use the claims procedures that are available without delay to make sure you get what you're entitled to.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I report a deduction in my BISP payment?

You can report a deduction in three ways:

  • Online: If available, file a complaint through the complaints portal on the BISP website.
  • Telephone: Call the BISP Helpline and speak to a representative about the problem.
  • In person: Visit your nearest BISP office to register your complaint and provide any documents.

2. What information do I need to file a claim?

Have your CNIC number, transaction reference number (if available) and a clear description of the deduction ready when you file your claim.

3. How will I know that my claim is being resolved?

Online filing usually allows you to track the status of your complaint. For telephone or in-person complaints, ask the representative for a reference number or inquire about follow-up procedures.

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