The e-bike scheme 2024 is an innovative transport initiative of the Punjabi government that aims to reduce environmental impact. By giving away 10,000 e-bikes to students across the province, this program aims to encourage environmentally beneficial modes of transportation. Not only does it solve growing concerns about air pollution, but it also cuts costs and makes student transportation more affordable. A special funding arrangement with the Bank of Punjab supports the initiative, which recognizes the financial challenges many students face.

Approval of the bicycle scheme

The Punjab Bicycle Scheme for Students was approved by Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab. The fact that this program is interest-free is its most unexpected feature. This initiative will give students more travel options for the first time. Never before had such a project been initiated in Punjab. This project is an example of the government's commitment to student welfare.

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Interest-free monthly installment plan

The Punjabi Chief Minister said in front of the legislature that 19,000 petrol and 1,000 electric bikes will be provided to students on an interest-free monthly plan. He stressed that by providing bikes with practical payment plans, the government is committed to supporting students.

Painting bikes green in 2024

Maryam Nawaz personally inspected the motorcycle samples, both electric and petrol, to ensure that all quality standards were met. He even gave the order to paint the bikes in the official green color of the Punjab administration. She examined the petrol and electric motorcycles recommended at the event, stressing how important it is to ensure the highest standards.

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aspect Details
Name of the program Electric bicycle program 2024
Number of bicycles 19,000 petrol bikes, 1,000 electric bikes
Distribution objective University and college students in Punjab
Payment plan Interest-free monthly installment plan

Equitable distribution

Transparency and fairness in the distribution process will ensure that all eligible candidates have an equal opportunity to succeed. To ensure the opening, a draw was set for May 2024, with distribution beginning that same month. According to CM Mariyam Nawaz, the application deadline will be published before Eid to ensure that the public gets the information on time.


In favor of environmentally sustainable transportation solutions, the Government of Punjab and the Bank of Punjab have launched the Electric Bicycle Scheme 2024. Apart from helping students with their transportation needs, this program aims to provide 10,000 electric bicycles to college and university students. exclusively It also reduces carbon emissions considerably. The switch to electric bicycles offers important advantages for the environment and the possibility of a cleaner and greener future.

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Frequently asked questions

Will the distribution be fair?

Transparency and fairness in the allocation process will ensure that all eligible applicants have an equal chance of success.

What bike sample will be distributed?

Maryam Nawaz personally inspected the motorcycle samples, both electric and petrol, to ensure that all quality standards were met.

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