The Himmat card is an important facility in the life of a person with disabilities in Punjab as it provides them with critical resources and assistance to deal with the barriers they encounter. This financial aid, access to services and forms of personal development proposes the Himmat Card for people with disabilities to improve their lives.

Eligibility requirements

Eligibility for the Himmat card is based on certain standards intended to help ensure that it is extended to those who will benefit most from the support. The Himmat Card is a vital lifeline for people with disabilities in Punjab, designed to provide them with the necessary support and assistance they need to excel.

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People with disabilities:

As for the Himmat Card, the most important condition to receive it is the level of disability. People with disabilities are those who have physical, sensory, intellectual and mental impairments that substantially limit one or more important life activities. A person may be disabled due to their congenital, acquired or developmental condition.

No sources of income:

One of the key criteria to be eligible for the Himmat card is that an individual should not have a continuous source of income. In this way, it can be ensured that people who need it and really suffer from financial difficulties due to their disability will get this card and at the same time will not have enough money to cover even the most basic expenses.

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Requirements for the Himmat card

Even if they meet the parameters mentioned above, it is also imperative that the eligible people respect and fulfill all the stipulated conditions accompanying the submission of the application, as stipulated by the government. This may involve submitting appropriate documents, completing the official documentation of an application and carrying out further tests or assessments if required.

Eligibility requirements Description
People with disabilities People with physical, sensory, intellectual or mental impairments that substantially limit the main activities of life
Disabilities can be congenital, acquired or developmental
No income resources Applicants must not have a continuous source of income
Guarantee to provide support to people who have financial difficulties because of a disability

Verification process

After applying for the Himmat card, it goes through a verification process to confirm that the applicant meets all the eligibility conditions. This may include confirmation of disability status, details of income and location of residence from the respective government agencies or competent authorities.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the eligibility requirement for Himmat card?

Regarding the Himmat Card, the most important condition to receive it is the level of disability.

Can a disabled person with a high income resource apply for this program?

As for the Himmat Card, the most important condition to receive it is the level of disability.

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