The good thing about being with a woman is that they will almost always leave you clues. When you get it right, there will be hints to encourage you to continue. And when you get it wrong, there will be hints too. In this article, we will be exploring the signs that you are doing it wrong with a woman and how to get it right.

1. It is excessively difficult

If things are too difficult with a woman, it can mean one of two things:

He is playing hard to get.

She's not that into you.

And even with the former, you must understand that women do not play hard to get with men they are very attracted to. It is almost always only with men who keep as extra eggs in a box.

No matter what you think and how you try to defend it, women make things easy for the men they love.

This even has a biological application.

We like to think that during fertilization, a man's sperm races incessantly toward the egg, unaided. But this is not so true.

The woman's system helps the sperm to locate her. The fimbriae around your ovaries make movements that cause a current to drag the sperm towards the egg ready to be fertilized.

If a woman loves you, she will help you get to her.

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If you don't, you're going to make things so difficult and difficult. I know because I've seen it too many times.

The best thing to do at this point is to stop trying. Sometimes stopping is the only thing that works. I call this the paradox of attraction. When the only thing that works is the only thing that could have failed.

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2. Resent your touch

If you've been on at least two dates with her and she keeps bothering your touch, then you know you're doing something wrong.

The touch runs in the same plane as the attraction. The extent to which she is attracted to you is the extent to which she touches you or allows you to touch her.

If you are not yet touching her or she resists your touch, then the size of the attraction may be too small for the age of that relationship.

The best thing to do is to step back and allow attraction to build up. As the attraction grows, you will see the relationship begin to take the stance you wanted.

3. She ignores you for a while (for a long time)

Sometimes women will even ignore men they like as a means of testing these men. This is a test of masculinity and, ironically, is one of the first signs of interest. Just like you will only try on the clothes you are interested in getting when you visit a clothing store.

Ignoring you, as mentioned here, is not what happens when a woman ignores you. I mean being ignored.

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No warnings. No calls and I don't want you to text back. Just ignoring you. No interest

This is a big, red, in-your-face flag. It shows that she has too many opportunities, and now, she wants little or nothing to do with you.

The best thing to do at this point is to leave her alone.

That space will work on her mind, forcing her to forget about your possibilities. And deep down, in his heart, he will find an unwanted reality: that he misses you.

This is when things start to pick up.

4. She is talking to other men

One of the many questions I've had to answer throughout my work as a relationship therapist is, “When do women start showing loyalty?”

Want to know that real answer? Immediately, they find out that they are interested in you.

A woman's loyalty is a sign rather than an outcome. This is not the same case for men and that is why it confuses many men.

A woman's loyalty is a sign that you are doing things right and leading her down the path she wants to be led.

It comes when he realizes he likes you and wants you before someone else gets you.

It's also a way to let you know that it's a great choice.

If she is not faithful to you and is talking to other men even after even three dates, then you know that she is probably not trying to be your wife.

She's saying, “Hi, I'm exploring my other options. You should explore yours too, as I don't want to keep you still.

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What you got wrong here is that you didn't make your intentions clear long enough.

It doesn't have to be a verbal show of interest. It can be anything. Use humor to your advantage. You have the advantage of humor.

This is something women fall for!

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5. She keeps you at a distance

If she keeps you at a distance in a way that suggests, “I don't want you to leave, but I also don't want you to get too close,” then you know you've hit the friend zone.

There is little or no hope that you will ever leave this area.

Your arrival in the friend zone means you lost her in the seduction phase.

Throwing him in the seduction phase suggests that you went too hard or too soft, too slow or too fast.

With many women, you have very little margin for error when it comes to matters of seduction.


The wrong thing will always produce signs.

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