Do women stalk too? The answer is yes. And I have reason to believe that women lurk much more than men and better. A woman once told me she went into detective mode when she was stalking her boyfriend. She said she could find out half the things she was hiding in a few minutes. This is something that many women confess. Leave a clue to the men. Harassment of a woman can mean many things. But in this article we focus on how to know if a woman is chasing you.

1. She leaks information you haven't told her

I like to say that stalkers speak for themselves. When a woman stalks you and is successful in that venture, she will often forget what you revealed and what you didn't.

You could be sitting at the table and she would bring up something you never told her.

Your first response will be, “How did you know?”

If you've been there before, at any time, then it's a big sign that you're being stalked. play along She will tell you the more she knows.

2. He suspects he is being catfished

Women are better catfish than men. Most will argue against that, but it's true. His is a precise and special type of catfishing.

They get the identity they are trying to portray you much better than a man. This is mainly because women have more empathy. They can take on a new, better form.

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If you suspect that you are a pisces, then there is a big sign that you are.

You are being chased, and your subconscious took a look at it and alerted you.

Pay attention to the account you suspect of catfishing.

Pay attention to when they turn on and when they turn off, and try to match that with when your partner turns on. If there is an odd synchronicity, then there is a higher chance that it is fish.

3.”Zzzz saw your profile.”

The bane of a stalker is that some apps speak for themselves. Like TikTok. There are always traces that someone visited your profile and stayed there for some time.

If you keep getting a notification that suggests someone has viewed your profile, then you are being stalked.

There are no two ways about it.

Your stalker will often not use their real account. Or worse, as I'll discuss shortly, they can ask their friends to help stalk you.

In this way, it is difficult to know for sure who is doing the harassing.

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4. You keep getting weird friend requests

Let's say two or three weeks before you meet a guy or a girl, your inactive Facebook account that has been without a friend request from anyone for weeks suddenly starts to bloom.

Coincidence? I think not. Those matches are pretty funny, and you should pay more attention to them.

I will say you are harassed. But your stalker is one who knows the game of subtlety. The more players in this game, the harder it is to know who is the leader.

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And since women like to move in packs, especially when one of them has just had a relationship, they often play the stalking game together.

They do it as a team.

While this is a smart move, our editors are smarter than them. If you want to find out who the stalker really is, pay attention to the accounts that send you requests.

Try to find out which ones have the same friends in common. Mutual friends can be such indicators.

When you find that one account, try going back to the date it was created or the date the last profile picture was created. If it was too recent, then it's a catfish account. If it's pretty old and has actual pictures, chances are it's your stalker.

You should send her a friend request and talk to her. You can even joke about feeling bullied. If she's the woman chasing you, you'll know by how she responds. Stalkers give up quickly when they find them.

5. The complaint

This should happen on a date. In real life. When you can look at your wife's face.

If you suspect he's stalking you, make a big show of it. Talk about your fear of being stalked and a crazy ex who used to be on your profile every two minutes and how you had to end things with her because you were scared.

Watch what he says and what he does when you say this. Look for signs that suggest you are afraid of guilt or both.

Now, tell him that you are afraid of being bullied.

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If he's not stalking you, he'll show genuine concern and may even ask you to help figure out who's stalking you.

If she's the one stalking you, she'll try to brush it off and move on to something else quickly.

6. The question faced

You have to, but only as a last resort. It works well when you have all your cards in place.

Look her in the eye and say, jokingly, are you stalking me?

Most likely there will be a period of sadness. Don't be the first to break that silence. Let it take its course.

If she's the bully, she'll be quiet longer than usual or talk too soon.

You would see your answer on his face.


Stalking can be good when it's healthy, but it can also be such a big red flag. This is especially true for relationships that you hope will last a long time. If he pursues you this early, there's little chance he'll trust you in the long run.

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