Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz intends to set up an air ambulance service by 2024 to provide immediate medical attention and transport to critically ill or injured patients in the outlying places of the province. To provide emergency care, the government plans to buy a fleet of specially trained helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft equipped with advanced life support systems, medical equipment and a qualified paramedic team.

Air ambulances would be strategically stationed at major hospitals and airports in Punjab to ensure quick response times. A specialized management room will oversee operations, including dispatch, routing and communication with ambulances and hospitals.

Benefits of the air ambulance service

The air ambulance service strives to save lives by providing rapid medical attention and transport to high-quality healthcare institutions. It is especially important in rural and hilly areas of Punjab, where ambulances may take longer to arrive. Air ambulances can immediately deliver critical care to patients who may have experienced delays in seeking medical care elsewhere, ensuring timely and efficient care.

Main features of the air ambulance benefits
Improve emergency response time Get to rural areas and accident scenes faster, providing rapid medical care.
Medical care on board Equipped with advanced life support systems and qualified medical personnel, guaranteeing immediate attention to patients.
Improving access to healthcare It bridges the gap for isolated residents, ensuring timely access to high-quality medical facilities.
Disaster response support It evacuates the injured and provides medical care in disaster areas, improving emergency response capabilities.
Meeting to discuss implementation High-level discussions led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz to strategize for the implementation of air ambulance services, highlighting the government's commitment to regional access to health.

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Main features of the air ambulance

Emergency Response and General Medical Care:

  • Improve emergency response time: Arrive faster at rural locations and accident scenes.
  • It improves time-sensitive care by getting patients to specialized facilities faster.
  • Medical care on board: Advanced life support systems and qualified people.
  • Improved access to health care: Closed the gap for isolated residents.
  • Disaster response support: Evacuated injured people and provided medical care in disaster areas.

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Managing Emergencies in Punjab:

Air ambulance service is critical to handling medical emergencies such as major trauma, cardiac arrest, stroke, and time-sensitive situations. It can significantly shorten transit times, improving patients' chances of survival and recovery. Air ambulances are capable of transporting patients safely and quickly between hospitals for specialized or higher levels of care. They also play an important role in disaster response, transporting injured people and providing on-site medical care in the event of natural disasters or catastrophic accidents.

Meeting to discuss the implementation of the air ambulance

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz attended a high-level meeting to discuss the introduction of air ambulance services in Punjab. The discussion, which was attended by the Minister of Health, senior health department officials and representatives of the aviation sector, underlined the importance of building a strong and environmentally sustainable air ambulance community to increase access to regional healthcare.

The chief minister authorized the fitness branch to work with aviation specialists to prepare a comprehensive service plan that included the acquisition of aircraft, the recruitment and training of medical personnel and the installation of critical infrastructure. The Minister of Health brought the Assembly up to date on the expected operating model, the financial needs and the project's deadline.

CM Maryam Nawaz's vision for future development in Punjab

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz is working to improve and improve health care in Punjab, including improving facilities, access to care and offering new solutions to health challenges. The air ambulance service is part of its long-term development plans, which include upgrading district hospitals, building new medical institutions and providing telemedicine services in rural areas.

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Nawaz also emphasizes the importance of public-private partnerships in healthcare, including collaboration with non-public institutions and healthcare companies to expand the reach and capabilities of the state's clinical services. A meeting was held to discuss the introduction of the air ambulance service.


The establishment of an air ambulance service in Punjab is a major step towards improving emergency medical care and saving lives. The service would provide fast and eco-friendly transport to seriously ill or injured patients, closing the healthcare access gap, especially in remote and disadvantaged communities. Punjab's healthcare scene is expected to change under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. The air ambulance plan, which will be launched in 2024, is expected to set a new standard for emergency medical care in Punjab and inspire similar initiatives across the country.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the air ambulance service?

It is a new emergency service that uses helicopters and airplanes to quickly reach and transport seriously ill or injured people across Punjab, especially in remote locations.

How will it benefit people?

Patients will receive faster medical care, especially in places where ambulances take longer to arrive. This could save lives!

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